Dads-to-be can ultimately feel what it’s prefer to give birth many thanks to Ultrasound baby Face’s new labour simulator.

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At last, men can experience pains in childbirth, thanks to a clever brand-new labour simulator that’s to be developed.

The Bristol-based agency behind it, who administer scans and baby an initial aid via their website, now offer the enticingly-titled labour Pain experience to couples and individuals who want to know exactly how painful giving birth yes, really is.

A description on Ultrasound infant Face’s website reads: ‘From wearing a bump and also trying to complete the day-to-day tasks of pregnancy, to suffering the pain of childbirth.

We will offer you some insight into what Mum will certainly be experiencing throughout their pregnancy.’

For just £25, the willing participant is hooked up to a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, and receives quick shocks that induce similar feelings to those skilled through contractions.

At only 30 minute long, the experience uses only a glimpse of the birthing process, as the participant isn’t compelled to push or have actually a C-section – happy them!

In a recent video uploaded to the company’s facebook page, one man gave the machine a try, v hilarious results.

Man provides birth in Bristol! because that the an initial time in the UK Ultrasound Baby confront are providing dad's the opportunity to feeling what it's favor to give birth

Posted through Bristol TV top top Monday, July 23, 2018

While the lay top top a table through his shirt traction up, the volunteer to be warned he’d experience ‘very spicy pains’ together pads were stuck come his stomach.

After recoiling at the ensuing electrical shocks, the male commented: ‘It feels choose there’s an extraterrestrial inside me.’

He then screamed loudly in ~ a certain painful contraction, saying: ‘That was like a knife.’

‘It’s really tough work,’ he added.

A company spokesman said: ‘It’s a chance for the male to present to his companion that the is there because that them and also to assist them endure a little bit the what their partner is going through.

‘I’ve provided birth and while our maker is no as painful together a convulsion it will hopefully give the man an insight into what the woman is walk through.’

The service is available at The Galleries, Bristol, and can it is in booked on the Ultrasound Baby challenge website.

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