After to buy weekend passes, tipping your pedicabber, and also budgeting for food (and any kind of sort that extracurricular tasks you can want to get involved in), friend only have a couple of bucks come spare. Alas, a good music fest simply isn’t the very same without drinks in hand. But with premium drink prices at many festivals, occasionally one need to take too much measures in the name of having a good time.

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Not that us would ever do such a thing, or that we’re advocating girlfriend take advantage of this practices, however we have actually heard these are a few ways come smuggle booze right into a music festival. If, girlfriend know, you were going to perform such a thing. You no hear it from us. Understand?

* does no condone sneaking booze right into a music festival.

10 methods TO SMUGGLE BOOZE right into A FESTIVAL

The baby Flask:

The mere combination of the words "baby" and also "flask" have to warrant the attention of child Protective Services, however they don"t hang out at music festivals come our knowledge. The baby Flask it s okay the first mention on this list because of exactly how strange/borderline genius that is. It"s a fake baby with a straw coming the end of that head that you drink booze from. What a time to be alive.

Re-sealed Water Bottles:

While there is a rather short list of enabled items, the imaginative festival goer will watch an limitless list of possibilities. One together item is “sealed water bottles.” v the best tool, this have the right to be password for “bottles the sweet, sweet hooch.” just buy a sealed water bottle, empty the water (well drink the water, let’s no be wasteful) and fill through your clean liquor of choice. Come re-seal the party you have the right to DIY it with a pair the pliers, screwdriver, knife and a pot of boiling water. For those less handy you can likewise purchase reusable sealed hat on Amazon.


The Beer ship Flask:

We recognize you"re a champ at chugging Lone Stars. We likewise know that the dreaded beer ship will eventually make its appearance. So why not adopt it and also actually suffer life through a beer belly? and not just any kind of beer belly...a beer belly that holds as much as 80 ounces of any type of beverage, hides well under clothing, and is basic to clean.

Speakeasy Briefs:

This is just around perfect. It"s a pairof men"s boxer briefs v a an enig stash pocket. They offer a style that says, “you must see me in mine underwear,” while providing a pocket that says, “it’s nobody of your business what’s in my underwear.”Now girlfriend don"t have to put the cold stuff beside your man parts.

The BeerBelly and The WineRack:

Yes, this items exist and yes, their creators are more than likely lounging what in St. Tropez as we speak. The BeerBelly fits snugly under any T-shirt and can host up to 80 oz. Of your libation the choice. The WineRack deserve to hold approximately 25 oz. That liquid, has actually a straw i m sorry you deserve to slip up through your shirt, and also can support you in many different ways.


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In your Hair:

This is a beat on the old-fashioned hiding a share in her hair trick. Depending upon the length and fullness of your hair you have the right to either buy sealable cigar tubes and also fill v liquor (think that it together tube shots) or purchase mini bottles of liquor. Then, simply roll your hair roughly the bottles and fold right into a bun. Make certain to do plenty of pinnage come secure the party or use a big clip. An different is to wrinkles the cigar tubes into a amount say bun then apply the amount say bun regularly. When you are cost-free from security let the hair down and also go wild.

Smuggle in lots of Mini Bottles:

These suckers come in all shapes and also sizes and also can be taped to the inside of most any component of the body. In the bra, in the elastics of the underwear heat (not guarantee if they are patting you down), in her socks, basically anywhere you deserve to fit one. Make certain to fill yourself up so also if protection finds a pair you still have a whole bar smuggled in.


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The Camera Flask:

Alright, we know, who demands a camera as soon as you have one on her phone? We completely understand. But what us don"t understand is spending whole check top top watered under drinks. So, get over yourself and also your iPhone, and throw it back to 2009 v the camera flask. Trust us: you"ll get your buzz AND you"ll look interesting. Isn"t the what anyone strives because that at music festivals anyways?


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The bottle of Suntan odor Flask:

Taking treatment of your skin is important, and also so is preventing overpriced drinks. Classy Wino"s suntan odor flasks permit you come take her favorite booze to outdoor concerts, sporting events, and more. All through the discreet, harmless look of an essential part of skincare routines.

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The Tampon Flask:

Let’s it is in real. No one wants to check your tampon. That method your tampon shooting holder will likely never be wondered about by security. Just don’t bring a totality bag complete of this things, because that will certainly raise a red flag. Acquire it? A red flag. Aaand we"re done.

Know of much more booze-smuggling tricks?Let them it is in known!

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