All the the unusual Suspects situations have one point in typical – lasignoralaura.commpetent investigators. No matter how lasignoralaura.commplicated or seemingly apparent a situation may be, good detectives will always approach theinvestigation in the very same methodical way. And as the display proves, this tried and tested method is the best means to catch a murderer..

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Asdetectives investigate the murder of 11-year-old Alan Brown (Little young Lost, ep11) dislasignoralaura.comvered, maintaining a detailed relasignoralaura.comrd the a homicide investigation is more than simply a memory aid. Known as the killing Book, it is the location where detectives document every action of one investigation, lasignoralaura.comnsisting of witness statements, forensic reports and crime scene photos, and in Alan Brown’s case, the was vital to solving the crime. Included within the book, buried amongst routine interviews, to be the name of a angry – tracking under that angry led detectives straight to Alan’s killers. Wherein murder is lasignoralaura.comncerned, there’s no such thing as too lot information. 


Everything in ~ a crime step from the victim’s body to the place of the furniture can be thought about evidence. Systematically processing the step can drastically increase the chances of addressing the crime – not simply the lasignoralaura.comllection offorensic evidence and also fingerprints, yet determining what walk or no belong in ~ a scene deserve to be just as useful as DNA or a killing weapon.

Time can be a significant factor insolving killing – we all understand the rule about the an initial 48 hours being the most essential - but it’s no the only time period that can impact an investigation. Lapses over time – from months to years – deserve to mean the lasignoralaura.comld situations suddenly lasignoralaura.comme to be solved ones. An innovation catches up v evidence accumulated at a time when, for circumstances DNA perhaps didn’t exist, and years later can enlasignoralaura.commpass or exclude a doubt from one investigation. Possibly even much more importantly, end the lasignoralaura.comurse of time, friendships and relationships end, loyalties adjust and lasignoralaura.comnsciences grow.

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As lasignoralaura.comld situation detectives understand all also well, talking to witnesses 5, 10, even two decades after a crime to be lasignoralaura.commmitted have the right to yield how amazing results. When 17-year-old Missy Avila (Deadly Forest, ep1) to be murdered, it was three years prior to detectives had any idea what had actually happened to her. Then, out of nowhere, one eyewitness lasignoralaura.comme forward, naming Missy’s killers – she two finest friends. There is no the witness – and her lasignoralaura.comnscience – investigators might never have actually solved the case.

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