Only the top echelon of business tycoons, high-tech geniuses, entertainment, and also sports stars, and national lottery winners have the right to lay their hands top top $100 million. But if you’re among them, you’ll evaluate this perform of what you have the right to buy because that the money. Interesting way enough, as high as this quantity is, that barely provides a dent in the budgets of countless states and huge cities.

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1. 25,000-Square-Foot Mansion ($100 million)

Located in Los Altos, California, this French-chateau format estate boasts 5 bedrooms and also nine bathrooms on 11 acres. It attributes indoor and outdoor pools, spa, gym, ballroom, home theater, and also car wash. The hillside ar offers superb views of mountain Francisco Bay. The home was newly bought through a Russian CEO who has no on purpose of life in it. So maybe you deserve to snag it because that a deal.


2. "Portrait de L’Artiste Sans Barbe" ("Portrait that the Artist there is no Beard") by Vincent van Gogh: ($98.5 million)

Though initially auctioned turn off for $71.5 million in 1998 through Christie’s, new York, this 1889 impressionist paint is approximated to have actually an adjusted 2011 price tag of $98.5 million. That is considered the most expensive of the artist’s recently auctioned paintings.


3. Airbus A320neo ($96.7 million)

This different of the renowned A320 series seats indigenous 150 to 180 passengers and also cruises at an median 511 mph at 36,000 feet. Its new engine option (neo) add to 500 nautical miles to the total range. It have the right to make the 2,704-mile trip from Boston to mountain Francisco even versus the solid headwinds of winter.


4. High-Tech Roller Coaster ($105 million)

You won’t need a many of an are if you construct a 3-D simulator ride choose the impressive Adventures of Spider-Man at global Studios in Orlando, Florida. Though her coaster auto bucks and also rolls, the scenery approximately you additionally moves, placing you in the middle of the action, without needing long tracks or high loops. And also if you tires of the existing offering, friend can always reprogram her ride come something new.


5. 28 commercial Wind turbines ($98 million)

If you’ve ever wanted come live off the grid, then a commercial wind turbine have the right to supply 2.5 megawatts of strength at $3.5 million each, follow to Windustry. Making use of 28 of them can develop enough power to power between 16,000 to 21,000 houses cleanly for about a year. This will make you well-known in your neighborhood.

6. Indian Wedding ($100 million)

When money is no object, you can conveniently spend $100 million ~ above a wedding, i beg your pardon is what India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, invested on the celebration because that his daughter, Isha, who married Anand Piramal in December 2018. The week-long extravagance had a private concert by Beyoncé, a bazaar showcasing the work of local artisans, a food donation come the city that Udaipur because that feeding 5,100 people three meals a job for four days, accommodations at five five-star hotels, and over 100 chartered flights for flying in guests. Dad is saving a bit of money by stop the key ceremony at his palatial 27-story home, Antilla, in Mumbai.

LuxTonnerre from Munich, Germany

7. Yearly Expenditures because that Palau ($99.5 million)

The Republic the Palau is located in the Pacific Ocean and has a population of about 21,000. Primary industries include tourism, handmade items, construction and garment making. Because that 2008, i beg your pardon is the recent year when figures are available, that expenditures were $99.5 million versus revenues of $115 million, which netted a surplus. (This is follow to the CIA civilization Factbook.) maybe Palau deserve to send some of its budget plan experts to the U.S. Government for consultation.

8. 13 miles of interstate Highway ($100 million)

A four-lane split urban interstate runs around $7.5 million per mile.according to the Florida department of Transportation. This contains a close up door 22-foot mean with barrier walls and also 10-foot shoulders inside and out. Therefore spending $100 million buys around 13.3 miles of highway.

Mark Wahlberg at the Shooter Movie Premiere 2007

S Pakhrin native DC, USA

Emma stone speaking in ~ Wondercon 2012 in Anaheim, California

Gage Skidmore

9. A Year's worth of the 2 Highest-Paid Hollywood actors ($94 million)

Though the names adjust from year-to-year, the quantities remain the very same or walk higher, according to CNBC. Among male actors, note Wahlberg earn $68 million between June 2016 and also June 2017. Various other top earners on the men's side include Dwayne Johnson at $65 million, Vin Diesel at $54.5 million, and Adam Sandler at $50.5 million.You can pair Wahlberg up v Emma stone at $26 million, Jennifer Aniston in ~ $25.5 million, Jennifer Lawrence at $24 million, or Melissa McCarthy in ~ $18 million. As displayed here, men much out-earn women in Hollywood.

World of Warcraft MMORPG

10. Your personal MMORPG ($100 million)

If you’ve ever wanted to develop a virtual world where adventures to be tailored to your specifications, climate the money develops your very own Massively Multiplayer online Role-Playing Game. At the very least that’s what a video game like world of Warcraft expenses according to the wall Street Journal. You and also 12 million of your closest friends deserve to sign ~ above from all over in the people to live alternate lives v your avatars. As a bonus, you’re most likely to earn close to a billion dollars a year in income from your investment.

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I would invest it top top vodkas.eveyone knows it’s the finest time the the year

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I would give it to my dog.

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I would placed an end to the misinformation the media repeatedly puts out. I would educate people that think they know what they room talking around but have no master on reality.

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Peggy Woods native Houston, Texas on in march 26, 2019:

I voted for the wind turbines reasoning of every the world that could help from the selections you listed. It would be impressive what might be done with $100 million dollars as soon as it pertains to helping human being who need it. I can think of countless other things choose feeding the hungry, digging wells for potable water, etc., etc.

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Wow great list! ns would spend 100 million on producing my own MMORPG since if it's successful you will certainly earn loads more

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A well-written hub packed with engaging information! I determined the mansion in your poll. Many people dream the becoming an extremely rich however they should remember the all the money in the world does not bring happiness! Well-done!