If you offer merchandise because that cash climate it"s vital that girlfriend know just how to verify a five dollar bill. In this short article we"ll go over counterfeit money detectors and additionally how to use the eye test.

Counterfeit Money Detectors

The easiest means to find out if a invoice is real or not is to use a counterfeit money detector. These assets will immediately tell if you have a real bill or a fake.

Counterfeit detector pens room the most affordable money detector products. These tiny devices retail for less than 10 dollars. Yet don"t allow the price cheat you, these pens room effective and many civilization swear through them.


There are much more advanced money detectors the scan the whole bill. Many of this money detectors retail for roughly $10-100. If you operation a service then it may be wise to invest in among these products.

Note that many of these commodities are not always 100% accurate. This is why it"s additionally recommended the you use the eye test in enhancement to using a money detector.

Eye Test

When law the eye test, you"ll need to verify the the bill looks authentic and that every the security functions are present. The verification process is quick and straightforward once you know what to look for.


1. Verify the Watermarks

Watermarks have the right to be found in two different locations. When you organize the bill up at an angle, you must see a huge numeral 5 on the best side of the bill where the clear ar is. Likewise to the left the Lincoln"s portrait there are three smaller character 5s displayed vertically. The watermarks were an initial added come the $5 invoice in 1999.

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2. Verify the defense Thread

The vertical protection thread have the right to be seen when you organize the invoice up in ~ an angle. The number 5 and also the abbreviation USA can be checked out multiple times on the security thread. It"s also feasible to clues the protection thread under a UV black light. The protection thread was very first added to the $5 bill in 1993.

3. Research the Microprinting

There space tiny words printed on the bill. In stimulate to watch the microprinting you may need a magnifying glass. The microprinting deserve to be uncovered in three different locations ~ above the the bill.

On the obverse side of the bill, the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM deserve to be uncovered at the height of the shield in ~ the good Seal. The abbreviation USA is found in between the columns that the shield. The words five DOLLARS deserve to be checked out inside the bill"s vertical borders.

On the reverse side the the bill, the words USA five can be watched on the lower part of the purple numeral 5.

Microprinting was very first added to the $5 bill in 1993.


If you use a counterfeit money detector and/or use the eye test, then you should be able to accurately identify whether or no your bill is real. We recommend to buy a money detector to provide you more peace the mind.

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If you own a company then a money detector could save you a most money over time.

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