If you offer merchandise because that cash climate it"s important that girlfriend know exactly how to verify a 100 disagreement bill. In this post we"ll walk over counterfeit money detectors and also how to usage the eye test.

Counterfeit Money Detectors

The easiest method to uncover out if a invoice is genuine or no is to usage a counterfeit money detector. These products will automatically tell if you have a real bill or a fake.

Counterfeit detector pens room the many affordable money detector products. These tiny devices retail for much less than 10 dollars. But don"t allow the price cheat you, this pens space effective and many world swear by them.


There are more advanced money detectors that scan the entire bill. Many of this money detectors retail for about $50-100. If you run a business then it might be wise to invest in among these products.

Note that many of these products are not constantly 100% accurate. This is why it"s also recommended that you use the eye test in addition to utilizing a money detector.

Eye Test

When law the eye test, you"ll must verify that the bill looks authentic and that every the security attributes are present. The verification process is fast and an easy once you recognize what come look for.


1. Verify the Watermark

When you host the bill up at an angle, you need to see a portrait that Benjamin Franklin top top the appropriate side the the bill whereby the clear ar is. The watermark was very first added come the $100 bill in 1996.

2. Verify the Color-Changing Ink

Color-changing ink deserve to be uncovered on the obverse side of the invoice in two various locations- ~ above the liberty bell and also on the character "100" located on the reduced right corner. Once you hold the bill up at an angle, the shade should readjust from copper to green. Color-changing squid was first added to the $100 invoice in 1996.

3. Verify the 3D defense Ribbon

The 3D defense ribbon is the vertical blue ribbon that can be uncovered on the obverse next of the bill. As soon as you look closely, you must see little numeral 100s and liberty bells inside the ribbon. When you tilt the ribbon, the numbers and liberty bells should change sideways. The 3D security ribbon was added in 2013.

4. Verify the security Thread

The vertical security thread have the right to be seen once you organize the invoice up in ~ an angle. The number 100 and also the abbreviation USA can be watched multiple times on the protection thread. It"s also possible to clues the security thread under a UV black color light. The defense thread was very first added come the $100 bill in 1990.

5. Research the Microprinting

There are tiny words printed on the bill in a couple of different locations. In bespeak to view the microprinting you might need a magnifying glass. Top top the modern-day series bills, the microprinting have the right to be discovered on Franklin"s collar, the bottom that Franklin"s portrait, and to the best of the brown quill. Microprinting was first added come the $100 invoice in 1990.


If you usage a counterfeit money detector and/or use the eye test, climate you should be able to accurately identify whether or not your bill is real. Us recommend buying a money detector to provide you much more peace the mind.

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If you own a organization then a money detector might save you a most money end time.