When you’re gaining ready to offer your home, the bathrooms might be the last place you think about actually staging.

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After all, buyers will probably simply peek your head in, maybe run the water and also move right along. Wipe off the counters, use bleach liberally and also voila, that’s one room down, right?

Well, not quite. Back the bathroom isn’t the center of the home, buyers do factor every an are into their decision. And also you certainly don’t want a dirty, cluttered bathroom (especially the master!) to be the factor a buyer walks away.

What’s more, 52% of real estate agents think bathroom staging is important, according to the national Association the Realtors. And also with a couple of simple touches, your bathroom can be more than a rapid pass-through after ~ viewing the master. Deluxe hotel brands favor Ritz-Carlton and also Mandarin eastern create total escapism with each suite’s mini sanctuary.

The following time you desire to amp up your glam factor, use these simple, affordable bathroom staging tips to do this often-overlooked an are feel prefer a 5-star oasis.

Take a snapshot of your Bathroom To check out What You’re working With

Before you start your restroom revamp, snap a photograph of the an are (this first step won’t price you a thing!)

“It’s really tough to walk right into that room and visually check out what you’ve been looking in ~ every single day for the last month or who knows exactly how long,” says actual estate certified dealer Tanya Endicott, who ranks in the peak 5% that agents in Dallas and is skilled in selling residences 22% much faster than many area agents.

“But if you take a picture of it with your phone and then look at it, that’s what other people are walking to it is in looking at, and also they’ll begin noticing points that girlfriend wouldn’t notification if friend were just walking into the room.”

With the picture in hand, take note of a few things with fresh eyes:

Your gut reaction to the photo (do you feel relaxed, or overwhelmed?)Any an individual items that may distract buyers, such together hair pen or assembly on the counterYour wall paint color, and also the art and decor ~ above the wallsWhether the an are feels dark or light-filledItems cluttering the floor—your kid’s action stool; the restroom scale; and also rugs beside the shower, respond to or toiletThe texture of your towels: room they fluffy or drab?Any counter stains, glass fog, or mirror smudgesHow new the caulking around your shower/tub appears

Compare the picture to the picture in your mind native the hotel bathroom you remember indigenous the last great vacation you took.

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“Sometimes they can do that for tile, too, so check into that if you on a budget since it provides things look at brand new,” Endicott says.

No tub? that’s okay, too. Just make certain the shower head glass no foggy. You can use vinegar and a rag to eliminate calcium develop up.

Pro tip: to make her shower head sparkle, pour white vinegar into a ziplock bag, for sure the bag around the shower head head v a rubber band, and let that soak for a couple of hours. After ~ you eliminate it, run the water because that a few minutes to flush out the vinegar. You’re welcome!

Don’t Sweat the small Stuff: Aim because that Clean, Fresh and also Functional

You can’t resolve everything, especially if she on a budget. So, embody that fresh-from-vacation peace of mind.

Just think that what hotel guests would be much more angry about: a negative color scheme, or a damaged shower.

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Likewise, buyers will certainly care an ext that the water coming the end of the faucet is brown, than the truth that girlfriend forgot to hide her toothbrush.

Endicott says, “I have actually flipped residences before, and I constantly ask myself these questions: Is the something I need to do for a the person who lives to it is in interested in the house? Is it something the is going to do it market for more? Or is it going to come up on an inspection?

“And if the answers space no, i don’t carry out it.”

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