My us passport has actually expired. I have filled out the forms and have booked a pickup/delivery with DX services for Tuesday.

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I have actually the compelled photo, and I to be looking in ~ this part of the application...


It watch like 4 (4) staples are required. I haven"t supplied a stapler in years, and I don"t even know if there"s one in mine office. Execute I actually need to go find a stapler and staple the 4 times?

I don"t want to damage the photo and have my applications refused ~ above the communication of a damaged photo.

Question: perform I actually need to staple my picture in the designated places? Or to be I reading this wrong and there"s a different method to submit one"s photo?

Secondarily: if the answer over is "yes", do I need to use some sort of American standard staple? Or will certainly a UK standard staple it is in OK? The guidance, for example, states that A4 record is yes sir (and ns am thankful for that). They space so picky and also persnickety around everything in a method that questions such as these room relevant.

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asked Mar 11 "17 in ~ 23:25

Gayot FowGayot Fow
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The instructions because that DS-82 (Renewal of united state passport because that eligible individuals) clearly state:

USE CAUTION when STAPLING her PHOTO: usage 4 staples vertically in the corners together close come the external edge as possible. Execute not bend photo.

I perform not view the exact same statement top top DS-11 (application because that a brand-new passport) yet the statement is ~ above DS-5504 (Corrections, name change within year of issuance, or passport publication or card was restricted to much less than 2 years for a reason various other than multiple accident or serious damaged/mutilated).

There is no statement about what form of clip is acceptable.

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edited Jun 2 in ~ 19:07

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answer Mar 11 "17 at 23:48

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I believe that a passport facility person will attach the photograph for you. Obviously, the person in charge of proofing the kind hasn"t to update the kind to reflect this, and also thus many people attach the photograph, with four staples, as instructed by text within the photograph box. Hope the State room will fix the type so the people"s time and also money aren"t wasted.

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answered Jun 13 "17 at 16:56

Colin PurringtonColin Purrington
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Well, I simply submitted my passport for renewal, paying because that expedited company b/c I need it asap in stimulate to use for a visa to Cuba. Ns stapled in the 4 corners, sent it by USPS overnight delivery, and just today (10 work after confirmed distribution to the passport regeneration office) i received an e-mail stating that my photograph was damaged, for this reason I have to send another, within 90 days.

So I"ve just spent an additional $40+ to get one more photo taken, and send that again overnight USPS. This time the wasn"t forced to clip it almost everywhere thank goodness. Ns wish lock would adjust the form, 4 staples is just silly.

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answered Apr 1 "19 in ~ 20:06

Tracy CTracy C
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