sailing the Sea that Thieves have the right to be a little tricky at first, specifically with the ongoing releases that expansions. We’ve assembled this overview to assist you v your very starting steps together a pirate, from gaining into the game to starting your first voyage and also finally spending your difficult earned currency on part booty.

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Starting the game

When the Arena growth hits, you will do it choose in between The Arena — a quick paced PvP setting — or Adventure. This overview will handle starting in Adventure. You pick your delivery — the two-person sloop, the three-person brigantine, or the four-person galleon — and also your crew type. An open crew matches you through strangers, and also a close up door crew permits you come sail with only friends you invite.

Players have the right to spawn at any random outpost in the three areas of the world: The Wilds, The Shores that Plenty, and the ancient Isles. There is a 4th region, the Devil’s Roar, to the east. Players have to manually sail over there to adventure in the region, and you cannot start at Morrow’s optimal Outpost.

The tavern, voyages, and outposts

Once you start the game, you go into the tavern. The tavern contains Duke, who gives weekly event and expansion dialogue, gear, and quests. He distributes unique voyages, favor the Christmas gold Voyages or the Mercenary Voyages because that the cost-free week. If over there isn’t an occasion running, leaving the tavern and enter the outpost.

Outposts are complete of supplies. Acquire in the habit of checking the barrels about you — you can often find helpful things, consisting of ship supplies, cursed cannonballs you can use together weapons, and even voyages. Under by the docks will be her ship, wait for you to rise aboard once you’re ready.

Rare/Microsoft Studios Outposts save vendors, who market cosmetic skins for your equipment. Over there is no “leveling up” or far better gear. The score is to obtain gold to trade for cosmetic items — and also have fun on the seas if you execute so. You’ll need to earn part gold to invest first. To do that, you’ll require to obtain a voyage.

Voyages and tools

You deserve to hold 3 voyages in ~ a time, and they carry out not begin until you activate them upon your ship. Come activate a voyage, walk to your ship’s voyage table. Every member of the party deserve to propose a trip by pushing F on PC, or X on Xbox and selecting your voyage. Crew members have the right to then vote by pushing F (or X) on their voyage of choice. When the bulk of a crew decides, a voyage is activated. Friend can check your voyage requirements by stop E on computer or appropriate bumper top top Xbox, and checking the icons in the circle.

Completing voyages regularly requires girlfriend to usage tools. Host Q on computer or left bumper top top Xbox to use the weapon wheel. The use of each item is pretty simple — a shovel enables you to dig, the lantern gives light, and also so on. The musical instruments are briefly supplied in some quests, yet mostly they’re just there for you come play shanties ~ above the sea. Nice!

The trip table on a sloop. Rare/Microsoft Studios via


Voyages primarily come from three factions on every outpost.

The merchant Alliance

The very first is the Merchant Alliance. The seller Alliance representative is ~ above the dock of each outpost, with a tarp over her head. She will distribute trips for you. Push F or X to interact with her, and also you can pick a Cargo run or a Shipment.

A Cargo run asks you to choose up part silk, rum, and/or plants and also transport them come a destination. You need to keep the silk dry, safeguard the rum native shattering, and water the plants before they wither ~ above the method to your destination. The better shape you store your cargo in, the an ext gold you acquire. Pick up the distribution from the specific person that the manifest requires, examine the labels on the goods, and then provide them come the suitable character.

When activated, shipments allow you to take crates from the merchant Alliance vendor. You take trip to islands, discover animals, put them in crates, and also bring them to the listed destination. We have a an ext in-depth guide to detect Sea that Thieves animals, yet here’s a few quick facts:

There space three type of animals: chickens, snakes, and also pigs. Little islands will only have actually one kind of animal on them, but large islands can have two. Players need to feed captured pigs v bananas upon recording them, or castle will at some point starve to death. Players charm hissing snakes utilizing music, and charmed line dance and stop spitting poison.

Rare/Microsoft Studios via Order the SoulsThe stimulate of Souls are in purple tents v an eye motif. They market voyages to hunt down skeletons on particular islands.

Up to 4 skeleton captains will generate on every island the the voyage tells girlfriend to walk to. Friend can inspect which islands to take trip to and also how plenty of skeleton captains there room by stop E or appropriate bumper and also checking your trip icons.

In addition to skeleton captains, you’ll have to deal with their goons:

Regular skeletons that wear bandanasPlant skeletons that take extra damages from cutlasses but become stronger in the waterShadow skeletons who are weak in the sun and also must have actually a lantern shone on lock in the nightGolden skeletons that rust in water and take an ext damage indigenous guns.

Once you death skeleton captains, they drop skulls. You deserve to sell those skulls to any Order of Souls vendor at any kind of outpost for gold.

The yellow Hoarders continue to be in dark environment-friendly tents with crucial symbols. Rare/Microsoft Studios via Gold HoardersThe gold Hoarders sell maps come treasure, and also ask that you bring the chests you discover to any kind of Gold Hoarder at any kind of outpost because that gold.

Sometimes, these maps are literal X clues the point out treasure maps. Other times, they space multi-step puzzles. One of two people way, you’ll need to hold E or best bumper, check your voyages, and head to specific islands. Once you’re on the island, you’ll must either track the X or settle the puzzle, and also then dig up a chest making use of your shovel.

Here’s whereby the comfortable dandy map table comes in. This table shows the whole map. You deserve to zoom in to view individual islands and names, or you have the right to scroll out to check out regions. Various other ships can mark themselves through the Reaper’s Mark, a symbol that identifies them on the map and allows you to see them from a far distance.

Rare/Microsoft Studios via

Sailing, dying, healing, and fighting

Once you determine where you should go, it’s time to start sailing. Lift your anchors, drop her sails, and also use the wheel to steer. Practice makes perfect as soon as it concerns sailing. For more information and also help, check out our Sea of thieves sailing guide to choose up the basics.

You have actually a health bar belonging to her pirate, i m sorry you can see in the lower left of your screen. If friend die, you find yourself on the Ferry the Souls for a brief period of time. You can then return to your ship. Uncover the banana barrel on her ship and also eat increase from the devices wheel to restore health.

Your ship additionally has the own health system. Taking damage will rip feet in the hull. The wood barrel provides you wooden planks. Use these to fix the damages in your ship by holding F or X near the hole.

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Finally, you have actually cannonballs. Every ship has actually cannons and also cannonballs. (You can also find cursed cannonballs in the world, which have actually special powers like making her opponent’s delivery drop that is anchor or do its crew vomit.) This is your method of defending yourself upon the seas.

This must be enough knowledge to acquire you collection off on our very first journey over the seas. Prior to long, you will do it be yar harring and plundering with the ideal of them.