The White House’s “We the People” petitions site was taken down in December. This message was put in its place. (

In December, the White residence took under the renowned “We the People” petitions website v the promise that it would certainly be revived by “late January.”

As that 3 p.m. Jan. 31, the site, i m sorry was started by chairman Barack Obama’s management and permits citizens to article petitions that require a White House response when they meet a certain number of signatures, was still down.

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But it eventually came back: tourists to were greeted Thursday morning by a create-a-petition button, in addition to some the the most famous old petitions, several of i beg your pardon are vital of president Trump.

Among the petitions v the largest number of signatures is one phone call on trump to release his tax returns — the most popular with an ext than 1.1 million people signed on. There is an additional asking him to put his businesses and also financial heritage in a remote trust (357,000 signatures), and also one that calls because that him to resign (138,000).

The signature totals for those petitions room all over the 100,000 threshold used throughout the Obama year to initiate a formal response, but the White House has actually not comment to a petition due to the fact that Trump took office.

A note posted come the site when it was taken down stated it was undergoing maintenance and that as soon as it was put back up, the White home would preserve all of its petitions and also begin responding. (The newly revitalized site says: “100,000 Signatures in 30 Days. Get an official update from the White home within 60 days.”)

Failure to regain it by a self-imposed meeting would have represented an additional mishap for the White House’s digital properties.

The work after his inauguration, Trump’s Twitter feed used a picture of Obama’s inauguration as its background picture. In ~ least five executive orders post to the White House’s website in the administration’s beforehand days differed from the legit binding assignment in the commonwealth Register, consisting of two that described inaccurate or nonexistent provisions that law, according to a report in USA Today.

Last week, the link to the president’s extremely touted “Fake News Awards” redirected viewers come an error page after they were announced top top the GOP’s website.

John Wonderlich, executive director of the sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit the promotes government transparency, said it to be another way the trumped administration, at the very least in its at an early stage days, has differentiated itself from the Obama White House, which was recognized for its digital presentation.

“For Trump’s digital constituency, the is not around being tech savvy as much as Trump’s raw right-wing appeal,” Wonderlich said. “Maybe that’s because the transition wasn’t prepared for anything.” He added that he thought it had actually started to readjust as the management has to fill its employee out.

The “We the People” petitions site was launched by the Obama White residence in 2011 and also has to be the subject of fascination for years due to the fact that of the differed nature that the pleas top top the site.

Although the White residence under Obama comment to petitions the were popular, it usually did not react. Still, some petitions did lead to changes, yet modest, consisting of a brand-new law ensuring that cellphone users might transfer your phones in between networks, a speak to from the White home to end gay conversion therapy for minors and, because that baseball player Yogi Berra, a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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But much more sweeping concerns failed come generate coherent change, such together a petition because that a pardon that Edward Snowden that the White residence waited two years to respond to prior to declining, and another calling for stricter gun regulate that was filed after ~ the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Conn.

“The office that the presidency doesn’t loan itself the well to mass participation — it is the gulf that the ‘We the People’ site is trying come bridge,” he said. “I don’t want to overstate the importance, yet I think it to be a action forward and did do a an useful contribution. If they bring it back, i think that’s a an excellent move. Ns don’t desire to say that renders up for significant shortfalls we’re see from the administration.”