Flying for the an initial time can be frightening, specifically if you’re travel by yourself. Making sure you feeling comfortable and excited because that your pilgrimage is really important. We’ve compiled a list of various ways to calm your nerves prior to you gain on the plane so when you gain to your destination, you’re ready to start exploring!

1. Come to the airport early on so you don’t feeling rushed


Give yourself part extra time before you’re scheduled to leave—you don’t want to miss out on your flight! arriving at the airport early on will offer you some extra time to inspect your luggage and go through defense without having to rush. We recommend getting here at the very least two hrs in breakthrough for residential flights and also three hrs in development for international flights. If you need to administer documentation for your destination, such as Covid tests or visas, enable extra time for your files to it is in checked and also verified.

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By getting here early, you’ll have time to solve anything the doesn’t go according to plan without absent your flight. Plus you have the right to grab some pretzels and also water and also chill at your gate for a bit before you have to board. There’s no reason to have to run across the airport choose in house Alone!

2. Prepare for movement sickness (just in case)


If you’re nervous about motion sickness, think about dropping by your neighborhood drugstore and picking up some travel motion sickness wristbands prior to your trip. These fabric bands space safe, reusable and also work by using pressure come an acupressure suggest on each wrist. They may also give friend some peace of mind as soon as you’re in the air simply to know that you have them with you. If you require something a bit stronger, Dramamine functions for plenty of people—just make certain to take it the non-drowsy variation if you don’t desire to be super sleepy for the rest of the day!

3. Just drink water prior to your flight


This method no alcoholic beverages or also sugary drinks choose soda. Coffee is additionally a no-no. While you might assume they’ll aid you calm down, these kinds of drinks can make girlfriend even an ext hyper and jittery before your flight. The finest thing to perform is stick come water so you remain hydrated. The air on airplanes deserve to be quite dry, therefore it’s basic to gain dehydrated, particularly on lengthy flights. If it is a long flight, you likewise want to continue to be hydrated without having actually to constantly it is in in the bathroom (airplane bathrooms room so tiny).

If you’re flying because that the first time, you desire to be fully yourself. That method no drink in the plane bar beforehand and if you’re taking an worldwide flight—where alcoholic drinks space usually free—don’t be tempted. You will feel much far better on the aircraft and when you gain off.

4. Pay fist to the safety and security instructions before takeoff


Once you obtain on the flight, find your seat and also fasten her seat belt, take part time to testimonial the security brochures in prior of you. This may set your mind at lull so friend feel all set in instance something to be to happen. If you space deathly afraid of flying, it might assist you to know that you are far an ext likely to obtain struck by lightening or get attacked by a shark 보다 you room to die in a plane crash. Even so, being prepared will help you feeling a lot better. Friend should also listen come the flight attendants as they walk over safety instructions together well.

5. Make yourself feeling at home


This might sound complicated when you’re traveling countless feet in the waiting with only one carry-on and a chair to yourself. It’s much simpler than friend think! make a pack list before you leaving your home with every one of the things that will certainly make you feel more comfortable if you’re in the air. Some common things to lug are headphones, your favorite snacks, a neck pillow, a sweatshirt (planes room often really cold!) and also a good book!

6. If possible, travel with a friend


Although you may not constantly be flying through someone, it might be a an excellent idea to have actually someone through you the very first time friend fly. Whether it’s a girlfriend or household member, you’ll feeling comfort in knowing that you’re no alone. That way, you can also shot and swap seats if you’re an ext comfortable through a window seat or one aisle seat. If you’re traveling solo, it’s usually pretty easy to make friends through someone sitting close to you top top the aircraft and girlfriend can constantly let the trip attendants know you’re a little bit nervous to fly. Gift able to rely on someone in the air will set your mind at ease.

7. Lug chewing gum


Sometimes when the plane’s landing, her ears deserve to pop since of the adjust in waiting pressure. If you’re not used to this, it can be uncomfortable. A useful tip once flying is to lug chewing gum. Gift able to relocate your jaw release the press from your ears. If girlfriend don’t have actually gum, girlfriend can try yawning or swallowing.

8. Fill ginger candy or ask for ginger ale


If you start to feeling sick during the flight because of turbulence, feel cost-free to contact a flight attendant over and also ask for some ginger ale. Ginger has actually a soothing effect on stomachs, so civilization tend to drink it when they’re emotion sick or if over there is a most turbulence top top the plane. Girlfriend can also find ginger candies at your neighborhood store. They might even have them in ~ a newsstand in the airport.

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9. Sit close to an exit to calm her nerves


If you’re an extremely nervous around flying because that the first time, it might calm your nerves to it is in close come an exit. It depends on which airline you’re flying on, but details airlines allow you to choose your seat before boarding. Watch if you log on to the airline’s website v your preventive number and view a seat map to pick your seat. Even being a pair rows back from the leave may aid put her mind in ~ ease. If the airline allows you pick your seat together you’re boarding, try sitting within a quick distance the the emergency exit.

10. Breathe


Traveling deserve to be nerve-wracking in ~ times, however if you take some deep breaths and snapshot yourself at her destination, you will certainly feel means calmer. Before you know it, you’ll have actually landed and also will be all set to explore. Flying for the first time deserve to be scary, however with these tips you’ll hopefully feel a lot far better as friend embark on your journey!

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