A guy attempts come steal video games indigenous Walmart and also winds up acquiring thrown right into a Redbox machine and tackled come the ground.

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on December 5, 2018, 40 year old Christopher Simpson and also his girlfriend attempted to steal 10-15 video clip games native a Walmart in Greenfield, Wisconsin, valued at $275 total. Throughout the test theft, Simpson was thrown into a Redbox an equipment and then tackled come the floor by Walmart shopper mark Hammer. Hammer hosted Simpson on the ground until police to be able to arrive on the scene. This past Tuesday, October 8, Simpson to be sentenced because that the crime.

Simpson was sentenced come 60 days in the home of Correction and placed ~ above probation for one year, together reported through Fox 6 Now. Simpson stated that his motivation for the crime was the he is unemployed and also in need of money, though he admitted the his financial case was "no excuse" because that his "criminal behavior."

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However, Simpson takes worry with the method he to be tackled by Hammer. "I think what that did to be wrong, and also he have to be punished for it," Simpson called Fox 6. Simpson reportedly threatened to have Hammer arrested for "assault," though no together arrest ever before occurred. Simpson didn"t sustain any major injuries during the altercation, but was treated for a bumped head and feasible bruised ribs ~ above the method to jail. "This would"ve turn out differently if i was seriously injured because he wouldn"t have actually walked far clean."

Click right here to watch a video of the incident.

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man sentenced ~ stealing native walmart
through Walmart being one of the largest retail chains in the whole world, it"s no surprise that it is on regular basis a target because that theft. Video clip games at Walmart room a an especially hot commodity as they are simple to conceal and re-sell. This is why the more expensive video games space usually behind glass cases at Walmart, and also nowadays even the cheaper gamings are at the very least kept in protective defense boxes.

also with these extra precautions, human being still try to steal video games from Walmart. While the vast majority of these events are just consistent shoplifting, periodically things obtain a small crazier, favor with Simpson"s situation. An additional Walmart shoplifting situation that got out that hand arisen a few years ago, when a shopper stole video games and urinated top top Walmart"s floor in the process.

sometimes Walmart thieves obtain a little more creative. For example, someone provided his daughter come steal a Nintendo switch from a prize device at a Walmart store just last year. Unfortunately, Walmart steal aren"t likely to protect against anytime soon.