A delicious hot dog v a snappy casing, slathered v all the sweet and savory toppings friend love…on a cold bun.

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A appropriate hot dog lover would never ever dream of serving their culinary masterpiece in this way. Warming the bun help to save the totality product hotter, especially when including cold condiments.

You can toast warm dog buns on the grill alongside the franks, yet that’s likely to dried them out and make castle crispy. What you require is a soft, chewy bun the complements the crunchy textures on her frank. And also figuring out just how to steam hot dog buns without making lock soggy is the only method to insurance perfection with every bite.

Here’s one expert-approved guide for do steaming warm dog buns.

Find the right Brand the Bun

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Not all warm dog buns have the right to withstand steaming. Look for a brand that makes heavier and denser bread that have the right to hold up well under steam without getting mushy. Countless companies develop this type of bun — your ideal bet is come look through product reviews prior to buying.

Choose among These Techniques

You can make steaming hot buns using a steamship or take a threat on the grill. Each technique has the pros and also cons, yet it every comes under to which tools you have at hand. Like many things warm dogs, you might be spoilt for selection over which an approach to use.

Steam warm Dog Buns through a Steamer

Steaming warm dog buns with a steamer is the most straightforward option as soon as you’re offer a crowd. Even if it is you’re hosting a cookout or a tailgate party, the last point you need is to invest your afternoon by the stovetop steaming them in small batches.

EquipmentSteamer through a bun compartmentTongsMethodPlace buns in the upper rack the the steamer.Regulate the heat according come the manufacturer’s instructions.Use humidity regulate to save them from gaining soft and wet.Take out only as numerous as you need at a time.
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Steam hot dog Buns on the Stovetop

What come do when cravings strike and you don’t have actually a bun steamer in ~ home? nothing resign you yourself to the fate the a cold bun — her stovetop can be her knight in glowing armor. This is how.

EquipmentStovetopPotSteaming basketFaux-steamer, i.e., colander, oven-safe bowl, chopsticks, or tongs.TongsMethod 1Boil 70mm of water in a pot end high heat.Position the steaming basket a couple of inches over the cook water.Place 2 buns in the steamer for 1-2 mins without spanning the lid.Take the cooking product out, slice, and also serve.Method 2Boil 70mm the water in a pot end high heat.Position her faux steamer end the cook water.If using a colander, ensure that the water no high enough to come with the holes and also leave you through soggy buns.If making use of an oven-safe bowl, location it upside down in the pot and collection a key of buns atop it.Using chopsticks, place a pair end the pot and collection two buns on peak of the chopsticks.If making use of tongs, host the buns end the vapor until they space warm. Wear cooktop mitts to safeguard your hand from the steam.Expert Tips:Slice the buns increase and steam them face down to gain the insides warm.Always heat the bread as the critical step, ~ you’ve prepared your toppings and also hot dogs. If you vapor before your hot dogs room ready, the bread will certainly cool off.Don’t covering the steam boat lid — as the steam rises, the condenses top top the lid, forms a few drops the water, and also drips under onto the bread to make it soggy.
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Steam hot Dog Buns in the Microwave

EquipmentPaper or towel towelSpray bottleMicrowaveMicrowave safe bowl or mugMicrowave-safe plateOven mittsMethod 1Lightly spritz the document or towel towel v water to do it slightly damp however not soaked.Wrap the buns in the moistened towel.Microwave for at the very least 10 seconds — it might need an ext or less time, relying on your model.Method 2Heat 50ml the water in a bowl or mug because that 1 minute. Leave it in the microwave.Layer the plate with 2 sheets of paper towels.Place the buns ~ above the record towels and cover them with one more slightly wet one. If she warming much more than 1 bun simultaneously, make certain they aren’t touching so the they warmth evenly.Microwave the key of buns along with the bowl of water for 10 seconds. Leaving them in the warm atmosphere for a couple of more secs with the power off.Flip the bun and repeat the process for 10 seconds.Use stove mitt to remove the plate indigenous the microwave — that filled v hot heavy steam that can scald you.

Steaming hot Dog Buns in the Oven

EquipmentAluminum foilWaterOven mittsMethodHeat the stove to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.Lightly spritz the buns through a good mist of water, barely dampening them.Wrap the buns in aluminum foil.Set the bread in the stove for around 10 minutes — it might take much more or much less time, depending on how rapid your stove heats up.Use mitts to eliminate the buns, unwrap them and also serve immediately.

Steam hot dog Buns ~ above the Grill

Most human being toast the bread on the grill if the warm dogs cook. Relying on how warm the grill is, the bread deserve to burn in less than 30 seconds.

You have the right to spread a tiny butter top top the height to sluggish down the process, however you still shouldn’t leave the bread unattended. So, uneven you’re a pro, you’re safer using the grill to vapor buns.

EquipmentSpray bottleAluminum foilTongMethodVery lightly spritz the outsides the the buns v water. If they’re not fresh from the bakery, you have the right to spritz the insides lightly too.Wrap the bread tightly in aluminum foil.Place them on the top rack or sides of the grill if the warm dogs cook.Flip them over once, and cook for a few minutes for each side.Take them off the grill, and serve immediately.

Frequently inquiry Questions

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How execute You Keep hot Dog Buns From acquiring Soggy?

Keep her steamed buns dry by:

Not permitting the steamship basket to touch the water.Using only a contempt dampened paper towel in the microwave.Not steaming for longer than instructed.Not putting too plenty of buns in the steamer basket.Not spanning the heavy steam basket lid.

How perform You dried a Soggy Bun?

You have the right to dry the end a wet bun in a toaster oven, a skillet ~ above the stove, or a baking sheet in a consistent oven. You’ve obtained to be careful not to collection the temperature too high and also to toast the for only a couple of minutes.

If your bun it s okay moist native the toppings, put wet condiments ~ above the hot dog instead of the bread. Including extras right prior to you eat the hot dog additionally helps to keep the bun from acquiring wet and also falling apart.

How perform You Make warm Dog Buns last Longer?

Buns can last for three months in the freezer. To make them last long, wrap castle individually in foil prior to storing lock in one airtight bag or container. Eliminate as much air together you have the right to from the bag before sealing it.

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The Perfect Dog

Being America’s above food way one thing — hot dogs have to be eaten in their finest form. Peak them with the crispiest fried onions, experiment with different types, or go keto with just a couple of ingredients — there’s no border to exactly how you have the right to enjoy these culinary delights.