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Back up papers regularlyBacking up papers is the many useful technique to save your data safe once Windows automatically restart...

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Fix 1. Disable windows Reboot TaskDisable the reboot task in task Scheduler to avoid Windows 10 indigenous rebooting ~ installing brand-new updates...Full steps
Fix 2. Rename the reboot fileTo prevent Windows 10 from instantly re-enabling the Reboot task, you have the right to rename the boot file...Full steps
Fix 3. Disable the automatic RestartDisable automatic restart to permit the computer to screen error messages instead of restarting...Full steps
Fix 4. Enable Turn off Auto-Restart Enable "Turn off Auto-Restart for Updates During active Hours" is a method to stop automatic restart...Full steps

Disable home windows 10 automatically Restart

Many Windows users complain that they have actually had enough of the annoying attribute of home windows 10 restarting automatically. Actually, this variation of windows OS is peculiar: automatic updating and also subsequent obligated restart. Top top the one hand, it helps you certain your device is in line with the latest improvements and security patches. On the various other hand, this suddenly restart would reason data loss, particularly the loss of unsaved work.

To solve the issue, countless users want to find a method to stop automatic restart on windows 10. In this home windows 10 guide, we"ll go you through the useful methods to prevent home windows 10 indigenous restarting after one update.

Important: earlier Up Files typically to avoid Data Loss

If you space working on important work and also Windows 10 restart unexpectedly, girlfriend will likely lose beneficial files the you haven"t had time to save. Therefore, save and ago up your papers often to protect against data loss.

If you are not in the habit of manually backing up her files, you deserve to use windows schedule back-up software for automatic backup. Todo Backup allows you to collection a scheduled backup plan, ago up your computer data, difficult drive partition files automatically in home windows 10/8/7 and also even windows Server machines.

Free download this record backup software program to begin protecting your documents from loss as result of Windows 10 automatic restart.

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Step 1. beginning Todo back-up software and also then choose "File", "Disk/partition" or "OS" for different back-up purpose.


Step 2. select the system, disc partition, files or apps that you desire to ago up. Climate click "Browse" to select a destination where you want to store the back-up file.

Product Todo backup now supports customers to back up records to the cloud. All you need to do is sign up v an account, then you can enjoy a large cloud warehouse space. More advantages the backing as much as the cloud include accessing backup files anytime and anywhere, saving document copies offsite, so friend don"t must worry about virus assaults or computer system failures, and easier and faster backup and recovery operations.


Step 3. Click "Save" to begin the data backup process.

Except because that data backup, Todo back-up is additionally a wonderful partition/disk cloning tool that permits you to migrate Windows 10 from HDD come SSD, clone USB drive, clone bootable hard drive, and also so on.

How to Disable windows 10 automatically Restart and Prevent that from Rebooting

The following solution is perfect for preventing Windows 10 native restarting after installation an upgrade or for no noticeable reason.

Note: Disabling home windows 10 automatically restart is not an operation supported by Microsoft. You need to use it in ~ your own risk. You have the right to restore this alternative at any type of time.

Fix 1. Disable windows Reboot Task

You can finish the complying with steps to protect against automatic restart on windows 10 ~ downloading and installing brand-new updates. However, new updates won"t use either, and future update won"t install until you manually reboot your computer.

Step 1. Click the search button. Search for Task Scheduler.

Step 2. Go to Task Scheduler Library/Microsoft/Windows/Update Orchestrator.

Step 3. On the ideal side, uncover "Reboot", right-click it, and also select "Disable".


Fix 2. Rename the Reboot File

In part cases, home windows 10 automatic restart will job-related again. You can stop windows 10 from restarting by:

Step 1. Use the Windows + R key-board shortcut to open up the "Run" command.

Step 2. Type the complying with path: %windir%System32TasksMicrosoftWindowsUpdateOrchestrator and click "OK".

Step 3. Select the "Reboot" record without one extension, right-click it, and select "Rename".


Step 4. Rename the Reboot document to Reboot.old.

Step 5. Right-click top top the folder, pick "New" and click on "Folder". Climate you deserve to rename it.

If you want to revert the changes, go back to the UpdateOrchestrator folder and also delete the Reboot folder and rename the Reboot.old document back come Reboot.

Fix 3. Disable the Automatic Restart Option

You can likewise use the following method to rotate off home windows 10 automatically restart when a problem occurs. However it allows the computer system to display error messages.

Step 1. Click the search button, search for and also open View advanced system settings.

Step 2. Click "Settings" in the Startup and Recovery section.

Step 3. In the mechanism failure section, uncheck "Automatically restart", and then click "OK".

Step 4. Restart the computer.

Fix 4. Turn Off Auto-Restart because that Updates During active Hours

You can also allow the "Turn off Auto-Restart for Updates During energetic Hours" option to prevent home windows 10 from automatically restart.

Step 1. Click ~ above the Search button. Type gpedit.msc and press Enter.

Step 2. In the Local group Policy Editor, walk to computer "Configuration >Administrative Templates > windows Components > windows Update". 

Step 3. Double-click top top "Turn turn off auto-restart for updates during active hours".


Step 4. Select "Enabled". Girlfriend can collection the totality day as energetic Hours. Then click "OK".


Fix 5. Uninstall a Windows Update

If your home windows 10 automatically restart concern occurs after a Windows upgrade or an automatic update, shot to uninstall the latest windows update to protect against Windows 10 indigenous restarting.

Step 1. Press Win+I tricks to open the Settings. Pick Update and also Security.

Step 2. Click "Update History" > "Uninstall Updates".


Step 3. Choose the Windows upgrade you want to uninstall.

Step 4. Right-click the update, and select the "Uninstall" button. Follow the on-screen direction to end up the process.

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Fix 6. Disable the windows Automatic Update

Another effective way to prevent Windows 10 automatically restart is disabling home windows automatic update feature. There are several means to disable home windows 10 update.

To sum UP

We cover six effective workarounds over to aid prevent home windows 10 native the automatically restart after ~ an update. Other useful tips friend can shot to troubleshoot space checking for failure hardware, update BIOS, or performing a device Restore.