go not put advertisements top top your home or lock screen. Advertisements ~ above your home or lock display will be led to by an app. Girlfriend will need to disable or uninstall the app to get rid that the adverts.

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If the ads pop up every time you usage a specific app, it is probably that application that is resulting in the problem.

Google Play permits apps to display ads as lengthy as lock comply with Google beat policy and are presented within the application serving them. If you have actually installed an application that you believe is mirroring ads in violation the Google beat policy, you can report it to Google through going into the page for the app in the play Store, scrolling under to the bottom and also tapping "Flag as inappropriate".

If the ads have only recently started appearing, the is likely due to an application you have either recently downloaded or an old app that has recently updated.

If the is not clear which app is responsible, try following the listed below steps in turn to identify the source. Note that Google Play policy requires that it be clear to the user which application is serving the ad.

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This form of advertising is most common amongst flashlight, or battery or charging optimisation apps. If you have these, shot uninstalling or disabling them in turn to check out if the ads quiet occur.

The below apps have included advertisements come the lock display screen at some point. If girlfriend have any kind of of this apps on her device, try uninstalling or disabling them to settle the problem: 

Super-Bright LED Flashlight/TorchES application LockerGO apps (e.g. Walk Keyboard, go Weather)KittyPlayPeel remote appPhoto Editor ProTouchPal appsVideoShow video clip editorXender Z Camera (and Zero Team apps)HiFontBattery DoctorFotoRusUC BrowserApps2SD360securityPhoto Collage EditorLOCX: application LockXBrowserSolo LauncherDolphin Browser 

In order to present the ad, the application will be active on her device. After ~ the difficulty occurs, girlfriend can enter the Play keep to check out which apps have actually been recently active. This should help you small it down, especially if it reflects an application that you know you haven"t supplied recently. 






Google Play has actually clear policy rules roughly apps and also when they deserve to appear, particularly on the lockscreen.Once girlfriend have identified the app, you deserve to report it come the Play save if you doubt it is in violation the the Play store terms and services, by going into the install page for the app in the play Store, scrolling every the means to the bottom the the screen and also then tapping Flag as inappropriate. 

Malware can download onto a device when us download various other apps or as soon as we browse the internet. Certain species of malware can cause adverts to pop up on her device. Uncover out what to do if you think the problem could be led to by malware.