Stacy Chimento, MD, is a board-certified Dermatologist currently residing in bay Harbor Islands, FL. She has actually been trained in basic medical, surgical and also cosmetic dermatology and also holds an specialization in acne, rosacea, human body contouring, laser rejuvenation and injectable aesthetic treatments


You understand it, girlfriend love that ... OK, maybe you don't love it. Yet shaving is quick, cheap and also easy because that removing armpit hair, if a teeny bit high-maintenance.

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"Shaving cuts just the hair to the surface of the skin and does not eliminate it native the root, which way the hair will grow back within a day or two," Tobia says.

For ideal results, it's necessary to invest in a high-quality razor. "A low-quality razor will certainly dull an ext quickly, top to much more nicks and also cuts on her skin, and a better risk for razor bumps and inflammation," Tobia warns.

Fortunately, brand-new razor start-ups room making shaving are an ext appealing hair-removal option. Authorize up through a agency like Billie, Harry"s, or Dollar shave Club to have high-quality blades and shaving cream shipped to your door top top schedule.

If you have sensitive skin prone to razor burn, shot a single-blade product; Oui the People's rose gold razor is non-irritating and an undeniably beautiful addition to her bathroom shelfie.

Depilatory creams

If you're so end shaving, depilating is the next finest option in terms of ease and also affordability. Depilatory creams are used to the skin come dissolve clearly shows hair. "It uses active ingredients to failure the keratin binding of the hair follicle come the surface ar of your skin," Tobia explains.

The best risk of depilatories is skin reactions: redness, itching, hives, burns, and even blisters. "Chemical wake up is constantly a potential side impact of depilatories when the product is improperly rubbed onto skin instead of simply spread throughout the hair," Ciraldo warns.

It you have sensitive skin, begin by law a patch test on a small, concealed area of your body; ~ 72 hours, you"ll know whether it"s for sure to spread it on your pits. Shot Nad"s depilatory cream, a cruelty-free choice with minimal stink factor.


Like waxing and sugaring, epilators job-related by pulling underarm hair indigenous the root. Results from epilating are long-lasting, and also your hair doesn"t have to be super lengthy for an epilator come yank the successfully. "You deserve to basically perform it as quickly as you even see a clearly shows hair," Tobia says.

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There's one significant downside: "There is a many pain associated with epilating," she confesses.

Ingrown hairs and also pimples are a bit of a danger with epilating, however you can help avoid those problems by giving your armpits a rapid scrub first. "Exfoliate her skin before using an epilator to provide the maker the clearest access to the hair in ~ the surface level," Tobia says. "Glo’s street Melt is a good body exfoliator."