Here"s how to protect against pop-ups top top Android distracting you the next time you"re looking on her smartphone or tablet

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Few points are much more annoying than when you work out in to check out an interesting write-up you’ve found while surfing on your Android phone only to have an enormous pop-up fly about the screen and also block her view. It’s time to put a avoid to pop-up ads on Android.

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While no pop-up blocking method is 100 percent foolproof, with the right defense practices, you deserve to keep many of the digital nuisances far from girlfriend the following time you’re looking the net on your Android phone.

How to prevent pop-ups in Chrome for Android

1. Open up Chrome, the default internet browser on Android.

How to prevent pop-ups in various other Android browsers

If girlfriend want much more aggressive pop-up or advertisement blocking, climate you’ll should go through a third-party browser. Unequal Chrome because that the desktop, the mobile variation of Chrome because that Android currently does not work with any type of add-ons. However, options like Firefox and Samsung net do.

One giving is Ghostery, which is a famous blocker and privacy-focused extension. ~ above Android, it come in the form of a full-blown browser that offers you visibility the the species of trackers that room on websites. Here’s how to block pop-ups utilizing the Ghostery app.

1. Open up the Ghostery application and madness the settings cog.

3. Additionally, you have the right to open Ghostery, choose Tracker Blocking choices and then select Block Everything because that the many aggressive impede option.

This will alleviate the chance that you’ll see any type of pesky pop-ups the will damage your mobile looking experience.

Competing Android browsers sell a similar role for preventing pop-ups top top Android, but Ghostery has actually the most aggressive reputation at impede nuisances favor pop-ups.

On the various other hand, Google’s job-related with Chrome ensures it will most likely be a quick option and integrate deeply v Android, so making use of that web browser with blocking rotate on is also a solid choice.

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