Whether you’re a novice at cut or you a cut guru v years of experience under your belt, us all nick ourselves through our razors.

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It could happen for assorted reasons: probably you were in a sirloin or you might have scraped a razor bang on her face

Either way, it have the right to be both painful and annoying once you nick yourself!

Whatever the is, if you’ve cut yourself if shaving, you probably want to know just how to take treatment of the ASAP.

Worry not!

We’ve done the research so friend don’t have actually to: right here are the 5 finest ways to prevent a shave cut from bleeding! (And no, nobody of these involve utilizing toilet paper.) 



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1. Usage Aftershave for your Shaving

If you have some aftershave ~ above hand, dab a tiny bit on her skin to stop the bleeding.

Aftershaves with alcohol or witch hazel occupational as astringents, which means that it’ll slow-moving the bleeding by constricting the blood vessels.

If it has alcohol in it, the aftershave will additionally work together an antiseptic and aid to avoid infections.

(That said, make sure to not use too lot to prevent that stinging sensation.)

Best of all, you’ll smell an excellent thanks to the aftershave! 

2. Use Lip Balm

Yes, we understand what she thinking.

Why would certainly you use lip balm to avoid bleeding native a cut cut?

Due come its waxy nature, utilizing lip enjoyment will work-related as a sealant because that the blood, avoiding it indigenous gushing.

You can likewise use Vaseline in a pinch, together it’ll additionally work as an adhesive, while also helping to protect against scabbing!


3. Usage Deodorant to avoid Bleeding ~ Shaving

In a pinch, your deodorant or antiperspirant will do the cheat to stop bleeding as soon as shaving!

Since many deodorants have actually aluminum in them, they work to constrict her blood vessels, slowing down the bleeding.

Before using it, examine the label to see if yes sir an aluminum in it, then put a touch of deodorant on her finger and apply to your cut. 

Another option would it is in to use an alum block if you prefer shaving old-school style.

Since the made nearly entirely the end of aluminum potassium sulfate (what you’d uncover in a styptic pencil), this is one of the ideal options accessible to stop the bleeding (and you have the right to use it on your entirety face, too!) 

4. Apply a Tea Bag or Coffee

Yes, a tea bag or coffee have the right to be used if you cut yourself if shaving.

Since tea has tannic acid in it, which functions as a vasoconstrictor, it’ll make the blood vessels constrict.

Just grab a tea bag, moisten the a small bit, and also apply to your skin for a few minutes!

Only have actually some coffee?

Dip her finger in some ground coffee and apply it to your shaving nick! 

5. Use Ice Cubes

This is probably one shaving hack you can be much more familiar with, if you’ve ever had a sporting activities injury.

By using an ice cube to her shaving nick, you’ll constrict the blood vessels as result of the cold.

If friend don’t desire to location the ice cream cube straight onto her cut, simply wrap that in a dried cloth and also then use for a couple of seconds.

Why do Shaving cut Bleed More? 


Credit: NBC News

Ever wonder why the look at tiniest of nicks makes you bleed choose crazy?

that actually quite simple: you have a the majority of blood vessels and capillaries close to her face’s surface, for this reason a little cut will certainly bleed substantially more.

Plus, having actually a sharp razor doesn’t aid either: a clean reduced isn’t what your body is supplied to, which provides it harder to type scabs favor it would certainly from a regular scab. 

Final Thoughts

Even though preventing shaving cuts is inevitable, knowing just how to to protect against the bleeding from shaving is crucial.

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This will certainly make it simpler to handle your next nick.

Armed through a suitable skincare regimen to help reduce acne bumps on your face, you’re well on your way for fewer shaving accidents. An excellent luck! 

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