The No. 1 cause is dried eyes, since cold wind increases evaporation of moisture from the optimal layer of her cornea, exaggerating difficulties with dryness you may have already. When that happens, your brain sends a message -- "Dry Alert!" -- and also orders your tear glands come juice up. If this is what's happening v you, the an initial potential solution is come wear security glasses or goggles to store the wind from dry your eyes. If glasses don't execute the trick, you can try using saline eye autumn right prior to you walk outside. Climate refresh periodically if you're in the cold air. Also, use a humidifier inside, and also blink much more to refresh your tears.

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• have actually you started taking decongestants because of a cold or indoor allergies? Decongestants dry you up.

• room you exposed come airborne or call allergens? If yes, shot an over-the-counter antihistamine eyedrop, and also stop letting the cat sleep on or close to your bed.


The very first potential equipment to tearing eye is come wear security glasses or goggles to store the wind from dry your eyes.

• room you regularly exposed come smoke, your or secondhand? one of two people quit (if you smoke) or leave that environment, pronto.

• excess tearing could be indigenous an autoimmune problem that attacks your tear-producing glands. The remedy is a prescription eyedrop, periodically with an immune-suppressing ingredient or a steroid.

• Or, it could be native an infection, such as conjunctivitis; that'll call for medication because that relief.

Give the residence remedies a shot first. However if castle don't work, or if you additionally have red or ill eyes, any kind of kind the discharge roughly the rims of her eyes, or you also have dry mouth or unusual joint pain, go see your physician ASAP.

Here are some remarkable clinical "inventions" that we bet you'll hear an ext about in 2013, and the future.

Cavity-proof teeth: There's a chemical the end there the kills bacteria responsible for cavities. Designed by Chilean dentists and dubbed keep 32 (as in 32 teeth), it's to be undergoing tests for 7 years and also will soon start human trials.

Scanning without radiation: mix scanning technologies, such as the existing omni-tomography -- an MRI v a CT scan -- significantly reduces radiation exposure. That's a an excellent start. In the future, we're looking front to further breakthroughs in 3-D ultrasound and also MRI technologies.

Stem-cell treatments for personalized medicines: using stem cells from your skin, docs will study your diseased cells in a lab and also then tailor therapies that amplify her body's certain strengths and also overcome that weaknesses.

A 3-D printer that produces artificial cartilage: making use of an inkjet printer and an electro-spinning machine, researchers have developed a prototype the a low-cost fabrication process that produce personalized, fabricated human tissue essential for her aching joints.

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