Wondering exactly how to rotate off facebook Live notifications? Here"s just how to disable this annoying cautions on any and also all platforms.

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Live streaming has become a part of almost every society platform these days. This function makes it basic to broadcast everything you"re doing come friends and also followers in real-time.

however perhaps friend don"t care about watching her friends make breakfast ~ above Facebook and wondering exactly how to turn off facebook Live notifications. In this write-up we assist show you just how on desktop, Android, and also iPhone.

What Is facebook Live?

In instance you"re not acquainted with it, let"s briefly look in ~ what facebook Live is and also why these notifications appear in the very first place.

on facebook Live is the name of the platform"s live-streaming capability. It enables anyone who provides Facebook to broadcast live video and audio from their phone, tablet, or even desktop computer (using a webcam). This renders it easy to re-publishing what you"re law in the moment, and also you have the right to save the video for world to clock later.

If you"re interested in an ext about this feature, have a watch at how to usage Facebook Live and how to go live ~ above Facebook.

We"re walking to emphasis on how to disable on facebook Live notifications. Through default, Facebook lets you understand every time one of your friends go live. If your friends tend to walk live also often, or friend don"t care to clock them in ~ all, you more than likely don"t want to receive these notifications.

exactly how to rotate Off facebook Live Notifications top top Desktop

First, let"s look at the an approach to disable these notifications in any kind of browser ~ above your desktop or laptop.

Log into Facebook, then click the small arrow in ~ the top-right of your screen and choose Settings. From the left side, pick the Notifications tab. Here you"ll see several categories that notifications the you deserve to adjust. Choose the Video ar to increase it.

Inside, you"ll watch an Allow Notifications ~ above Facebook slider. Set this to Off and also you won"t receive notifications about friends using Facebook Live any kind of longer.

Facebook rotate Off Live video Notifications
Don"t want to disable this globally? perhaps there"s a certain page you follow that provides Facebook Live often, and you"d favor to rotate off notifications just for them. Thankfully, Facebook enables you to execute this too.

Navigate to the Facebook page that you desire to revolve off notifications for. Computer mouse over the Following button and also you"ll see some options. Under Notifications, select All Off. As soon as you"ve excellent this, you won"t see any kind of notifications from the page, also if that goes live.

Facebook turn Off page Notifications

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just how to rotate Off Live Notifications on facebook for Android

girlfriend can additionally disable facebook Live notifications on your Android device. Note that no issue where you do this change, the will apply to your account. Thus, friend don"t need to disable this notifications again on her mobile machine after doing for this reason on her desktop.

from the facebook app, madness the Menu symbol on the top bar, represented by three lines. Here, role down and also expand the Settings & Privacy section and tap Settings.

top top the resulting page, scroll every one of the way down come the Notifications section. Madness the Notification Settings block to get in those options. Favor on desktop, you"ll find a setting for Video here. Insanity that, then disable the Allow Notifications top top Facebook slider to turn off facebook Live notifications.