Here's just how to revolve off Google's tracking abilities because that Google Maps and other services on iOS, Android, and the desktop.

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Your very first order of business should be to turn off Google"s location tracking native the My activity dashboard. Below you deserve to view and control web and also app activity, place history, and also YouTube history for your Google Account. Click Location History.


Google instantly tracks whereby you go through your devices, even if you don"t have actually a details Google app open all the time (on iOS, you have the right to opt come only have actually location services allowed while an application is running; more on that below). Close up door this down totally by flipping the switch beside Location background to off. Click Devices on this account to watch which tools are connected to the account and disconnect those girlfriend don"t desire tracked.


If this is also severe, Google lets you choose how long the firm will organize on to her data. The first time you turn on Location background and net & app Activity, you"ll view that deletion after 18 month is the default, despite you can readjust that.

Under place History, select Auto-delete. From the pop-up window, select Auto-delete task older than and choose 3, 18, or 36 months. (There"s also the Don"t auto-delete activity choice here.)

Remove Data from Google Maps Timeline


You can likewise manually remove particular data from your Google Timeline. Click Manage activity from the Location background page to watch a map v all your account"s location data. Girlfriend can additionally open Google Maps, tap the hamburger food selection in the top-left corner, and select Your Timeline.


The ideal place to start is the date filter, which enables you come narrow results down by year, month, and day. Google will surface ar trips that fall into the variety you select. If you pick a certain day, the will open up that work on the map together a trip. You can then click the trash have the right to icon come delete the whole day, or open up the three-dot food selection next to a location and choose Remove stop from the day to delete it from her history.


When the filter is set to show all her history, the bottom menu will perform the places you have actually been and also the trips you"ve taken. Click the red square to sift through the areas you have visited over the course of your account"s history. At any type of point, you can click the trash have the right to icon come delete your place history. Click an entry and select Last visit in her timeline to check out a work that involves that location. You have the right to then delete part of that pilgrimage or the entire day.


If you desire to delete all her visits to a particular location, friend will have to switch to mobile. From mobile, tap her profile icon and choose Your timeline. You"ll see tabs because that Day, Trips (Android only), Places, Cities, and also World. Madness Places > view all went to places. Uncover the ar you want to delete, insanity the three-dot menu on the right and also select Remove all visits.


Manage ar Settings ~ above iOS Devices


You can do an ext on your iPhone to avoid Google native tracking your location. Walk to Settings > Google Maps > Location to see the ar settings for the Google Maps app. Girlfriend can set it come While making use of the App to cut down ~ above the amount of data Google collects as soon as the application isn"t in use. This will certainly affect details app functionality.

Instead of making use of your an accurate location, you have the right to make Google Maps (or any type of app) use more generalized data instead. Revolve off the switch following to specific Location to begin using your approximate location. This will additionally affect details app functionality.


If you want to shut offlocation servicescompletely, go to Settings > Privacy > place Servicesand toggle the move off. This will, of course, cause many of the solutions on her phone to stop working. However, you deserve to take manage of separation, personal, instance apps by setup when they can accessibility location services.

Manage place Settings on Android Devices


Android users deserve to take manage of your device"s location services, but the specific instructions may differ through manufacturer. On a Samsung device, because that example, you deserve to open Settings > Location come view assorted options.

You can turn ar services off fully by tapping the move at the optimal of the screen, though this will reason many of the services on her phone to prevent working. Place services can likewise be easily disabled through pulling down the notice shade and tapping the ar icon.

Other, much less invasive options, room to click Improve accuracy, then rotate off the settings for Wi-Fi scanning and also Bluetooth scanning. Girlfriend can additionally scroll under the ar page, madness Google ar Accuracy, and also turn off enhance Location Accuracy. Transforming these functions off will remove all various other manner of tracking location, other than GPS, but make place tracking much less accurate overall.


If you desire to adjust the setups for separation, personal, instance apps, insanity App permissions and select Google Maps, Google Photos, Google, or one more Google service. You can readjust the app permissions to Allow only while using the app to reduced down top top the quantity of data Google collects once the app isn"t in use. This will affect specific app functionality.

Browse Privately Everywhere


If girlfriend don"t desire to fiddle with your place settings, yet would choose to phone call Google to protect against looking at what you"re doing because that a moment, Incognito setting is a an excellent choice. In the Google Maps app, tap your profile icon and select Turn top top Incognito mode.

By turning on Incognito Mode, you will protect against Maps from conserving your find history, ar history, and also shared location, and also will protect against the application from customizing maps based on your activity. It doesn"t prevent other Google services from tracking whereby you walk online.

When you"re finished, you deserve to tap the Incognito setting icon and also select revolve off Incognito setting to go back to the regular version that Google Maps.

Try a VPN


If you"re wondering why all this sound so complicated, it"s due to the fact that Google doesn"t actually want you come disable your place data. As a company, Google provides money off your data, and also location is another means to personalize the ads friend see.

Even if girlfriend follow through with all these steps, Google won"t let you fully shut the out. If you want to stop Google—or everyone else—from tracking your location, you may want come traytry a VPNinstead. By setting one up, you have the right to keep your activity and data private; even from Google.

You can find good VPNs that space both paid or free. If you"re specifically looking for one that functions on her phone, there room many options for bothiOSandAndroid.

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