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Google is more than likely logging your location, action by step, via Google Maps.

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Want to check out what type of data it has on you? inspect out Google’s very own location background map, which lets you view the path you’ve traced for any type of given day that your smartphone has actually been to run Google Maps.

In the screenshot above, it mirrors some of mine peregrinations about Paris in June that this year.

This location history page has actually actually been accessible for number of years, because Google first rolled it out as part of Latitude, the now-defunct location-sharing app. Cnet noticed that in December, 2013, TechCrunch choose it up a few days later, and now i found it it critical week.

We’re highlighting the again since it’s trivially straightforward to revolve off Google Maps location-tracking, if you desire to.

In fact, I checked the location background page this morning and also had an obstacle finding any location data at all, because I’ve had actually location tracking turned turn off for months, v a couple of exceptions.

To turn off ar tracking, just follow these straightforward steps.

How come delete your location history

View your location history using Google’s internet page.

Set a time period to watch — as much as 30 days at a time.

Select the period you want to delete.

Click the “Delete background from this time period” connect on the left side of this page.

If you have actually multiple Google accounts, check the history for each one.

To rotate off ar tracking in Android

Go come the settings app.

Scroll down and tap top top the location section.

Tap Google location Reporting.

Switch Location history to “off.”

Note: For better privacy, you can also turn off Location Reporting, however this will keep apps favor Google Maps from working properly.

How to turn off ar tracking in iOS

Open the settings app.

Scroll down to Privacy, and select place Services.

Disable all location Services by setup the top slider to “off” — or scroll under to disable particular apps one by one, such together Google Maps.

Take the procedures above, and also your location history will look at something favor mine does, below.

For much more details, examine out this LifeHacker article: PSA: your phone logs everywhere friend go. Here’s how to revolve it off.

Hat tip: john Koetsier.

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Above: “You have actually no ar history,” Google states — if did you do it refused come let the log her locations.