We"ve every been there. You do a big batch of guacamole the night before your big party, only to find that the height 1/2 customs or so has turned at least three shades of gray-brown. Sure, you can scrape that off, toss the in the trash and transfer the rest (now substantially reduced) to another bowl. But what a waste!

We were details that there has to be a far better way, so we tested out six methods to help you protect against the pitfalls the discolored guacamole. Here, we reveal which ones work ideal so you always know exactly how to keep your agakmall green.

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Grace Parisi / lasignoralaura.com

1. Peak with lime juice and also plastic wrap

Avocados and most other fruits and also veggies contain an enzyme (polyphenol oxidase) that reacts with the oxygen in the air and turns the flesh a dull shade of drab, well-known as oxidation. Limes are very acidic and contain lots of ascorbic acid, aka, vitamin C, i beg your pardon combats the enzyme. The fix? Drizzle a shallow but visible great of lime juice top top the guacamole surface ar (first make it as smooth as possible) and cover through plastic wrap, pushing it straight onto the surface. The next day, either to water it off or stir it in for particularly tart guac.

The verdict: The color stays vibrant and also if you favor a tiny extra tang in her dip, this might become your go-to.

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2. Height with tart cream and plastic wrap

The lactic mountain in sour cream acts really much favor the ascorbic acid in limes in combating the oxidizing enzyme in avocados. The process and an outcome is similar: spread out a slim layer of cake cream onto a smooth surface of guacamole and cover with plastic wrap, pressing it directly onto the surface. As soon as ready to serve, either scrape it off or stir that in for a creamy guacamole.

The verdict: This is fine if you currently have sour cream in the fridge, yet certainly not worth a special expedition or the included expense.

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3. Peak with plastic pave alone

Wondering what would take place if us didn"t have actually lime juice or sour cream on hand, we tried this approach.

The verdict: pushing plastic wrap directly onto the surface without adding lime juice or sour cream is no a flawless option. If the surface ar of the agakmall isn"t entirely smooth or the plastic isn"t totally flush, there will be waiting pockets wherein oxidation will occur.

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4. Guac-Lock

This single-use gadget works an in similar way to plastic wrap, other than it"s at sight cute. The simple premise is that every one of the wait is pressed out, creating an airtight lock on her guac. The bowl and lid have actually tight-fitting gaskets and the bottom have the right to be moved up to get rid of the space between the guacamole and also lid.

The verdict: It certainly works! The just downside is once removing the lid, a great bit the the guac come off v it and needs to it is in scraped earlier into the bowl. $19.99, casabella.com

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5. Include the pit and also top through plastic wrap

Some people swear by this one, for this reason we had to placed it come the test.

The verdict: contrary to well-known belief, adding the avocado pit to agakmall does not prevent oxidation. In fact, if it sticks out over the surface, it creates air pockets that protect against the plastic wrap indigenous adhering strict enough. Sorry abuela—I tho love you!

Grace Parisi / lasignoralaura.com

6. Peak with water and plastic wrap

Water is fully neutral both in flavor and also pH level. That won"t actively combat the oxidizing enzymes, yet it will act as a really effective barrier if the class is special enough. Drizzle a 1/2-inch deep great of water ~ above the smooth surface, cover v plastic, pushing it gently, but directly top top the surface. The next day, to water it off and also stir just prior to serving.

The verdict: This is the most effective and also least expensive means to preserve color and maintain flavor.

Whether you use lime juice, cake cream, plastic wrap, a cute gadget, or water, keeping your guacamole eco-friendly is at some point all around creating a solid barrier in between guac and also outside world. Now, go forth and guac-on!

Now that you know how to keep it green, below are several of our favorite agakmall recipes:



Try topping her guacamole through fresh cilantro, shredded cotija cheese and pico de gallo to stand for the green, white and also red colour of the mexico flag.



Guacamole doesn"t always have to favor the savory side. Sweeten the up v pomegranate seeds and grated coconut.

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Guacamole, in every its glory, generally has the perfect ratio of creamy avocado chunks, spice and also zesty lime juice. Try adding finely chopped pickles and hot pickle brine to the mix, and you"ll be amazed at how well it enhances the classic flavor profile of the beloved mexico dip.