A girlfriend of mine just obtained out that a rough relationship. Regrettably it didn"t walk well as her ex to be calling and texting she nonstop to both shot and victory her ago and insult she (I did say it to be a stormy relationship). After a couple of days, she just couldn"t take it anymore and came to me for aid in blocking this guy.

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Luckily, I currently knewa variety of options because that blocking civilization who space being a nuisance, from stroked nerves exes come rude telemarketers that won"t take "no" because that an answer. Now I"m betting that an ext people than just my girlfriend occasionally must block someone that is annoying or even harassing them, so right here I"m going to share a few of theseoptions.

First, though, I do want come say that if the person harassing you is threaten you v physical violence, avoid reading right nowand go straight to the police. They"ll probably have you record a restraining order. Once that"s done, then come earlier and learn just how to block the person.

Of course, girlfriend don"t usually have to acquire law enforcement or the courtsinvolved. The stroked nerves person can just it is in someone that you gave your number come one time there is no thinking around it. Here"s how to get your peace and also quiet earlier whether you"re top top a smartphone or an old flip phone.

Given that practically everyone desires to block someone at part point, it"s no surprised that smartphones through the recent versions the Android, iOS and also Windows Phone have blocking built right in.

In Android, open your phone call app and go to Settings>>Call>>Call Rejection>>Auto disapprove List>>Create. Put in the person"s surname or number and also their calls and texts will never make the to her screen. They deserve to call and also text all day and you"ll never ever be bothered again.

Because each manufacturer tweaks Android a bit, you could have come hunt approximately for the settings on your certain gadget. If it just doesn"t have actually blocking, you can add blocking with an app likeMr. Number.

On an iphone phone or iPad through iOS7 or higher, you have the right to block FaceTime, Phone and also Messages contact you don"t want interacting with you.

If you"re in FaceTime or the phone app, walk to "Favorites" or "Recent" and find the human being you desire to block. Tap their name, then tap the "Info" button, role to the bottom and also tap "Block Contact." If you"re in theContacts screen, simply tap the contact, scroll down and also tap "Block Contact."

For blocking Messages, madness a blog post from someone you want to block and then insanity "Contact" in the upper ideal corner. Tap the "Info" button, scroll to the bottom and tap "Block Contact."

You can modify your blocked contacts later on in Settings>>Phone>>Blocked, Settings>>Messages>>Blocked, or Settings>>FaceTime>>Blocked.

Windows mobile

On a windows Phone, walk to Settings and tap "call+SMS filter." tap "Accept" and also then move blocking to "On." Next, go to her call background and tap and hold the number you want to block, and tap "block number."

If the number harassing you is arobocalleror telemarketer, you deserve to block that this way, or block all robocallers andtelemarketersat once. Just add your smartphone"s number to the perform Not speak to registry. The annoying calls need to stop in about a month.Click below to learn an ext about the carry out Not speak to registry"s history, just how it works and the reality behind part commonmyths.


The over information won"t do you much an excellent if you"re on a flip phone or other non-smartphone. Thankfully, you have the right to still set up blocks through your carrier.

All four of the major carriers will certainly block numbers from call or text massage your phone. Most require you to covering out a $5 monthly fee to block numbers. Acceleration is the only exception as it enables you come block part numbers for free.

AT&T"s service is calledSmart Limits. When you"re signed up, log in onto MyAT&T and hover end "Wireless" to view "Smart Limits." choose it and then select "Blocked Numbers" to include a number. It costs $5 a month because that one line or $10 a month for up to 10 lines.

If you have actually Verizon, log onto MyVerizon and find the family Safeguards & Controls section. The freeBlock call & Messagesfeature allows you block up to five numbers for 90 days. After 90 days, you"ll need to manually block the number again.If you authorize up for the paid family members Safeguards &Controls, which is $5 a month per account, you can block approximately 20 numbers indefinitely.

For prevent on T-Mobile, you needFamily Allowances. In the "Family Allowances" menu in her account, pick "Allowed Numbers." to block a number, you have actually to add it to the "Never allowed" section.

Finally, sprint customers can sign into My Sprint and also go to mine Preferences>>Limits and also Permissions>>Block Voice. Pick "Block just the adhering to phone numbers because that inbound and outbound calls." include the number and also then click save. You may need to restart her phone.

It functions the same way with texts, yet you"ll choose "Block Texts" instead of "Block Voice." You have to block the number in both locations to reduced off communication fully.


There room times you might want to block a number indigenous calling your landline. Inspect with her phone provider and see what options they have available.

You can be thinking around ditching her landline completely to conserve money.Here space three factors you could want to store it.

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