There’s a factor why knee ache is frequently referred to together “Runner’s Knee.” existing statistics report that 30 – 50% the all runners gain knee ache from to run every year. That’s a quite high number, and also it’s one of the biggest reasons why to run gets labeled together a high-injury sport.

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I have actually my very own take ~ above running and also it’s a little different. It’s the running is blamed because that knee pain once it’s no actuality to run that causes problems. It’s the way world run the leads come pain and injury. The fact is, if you have the right to learn to run with ideal running form, where there is minimal affect or undue anxiety to her knees, you’ll never have actually knee problems. It’s a surprisingly basic fix, and also entirely possible, contradictory to what many human being believe.

Here space some methods to boost your running technique, protect against knee pain, and insure that you can run for many an ext years without ever before having to offer it all up someday because your knees are toast.


What come do: constantly run with your feet spicy in the direction you’re headed. Rotate your entire leg inward in the direction of your centerline till your feet room parallel and also pointing forward. This deserve to permanently settle your difficulty by strengthening your adductors to realign your legs. Then, her knees will hinge in the direction they were designed to, rather of twisting together they bend. Foot splay can produce inflammation in the iliotibial band which, in ~ its reduced end, attaches come the tibia just below your knee. The misalignment of your legs can often be mistaken because that a knee problem.More come do: increase the amount of medial rotation of her legs over a variety of weeks to give your legs time to readjust to their new direction that movement. Changing the biomechanics of her body takes time and also persistence, but it’s fine worth it if you want to never have knee pains again.

Don’t rely on cushioned shoes to settle your knees

It’s always far better to settle a running kind problem indigenous the inside out. For this reason it’s far better to embrace proper to run form, rather than rely on cushioned to run shoes, which have the right to actually exacerbate knee problems. My favorite brands room Xero Shoes and Lems!What to do: walk for low-profile neutral shoes and also run with a much shorter stride to alleviate impact. Allow your body lots of time to do the necessary adjustments toward a softer landing.

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Taking great care of her knees should be a high priority, specifically if you desire to proceed to enjoy running year after year. Reducing speak and influence are the two finest places to job-related on her running form. This is exactly how you start to construct a life insurance policy for her knees, and also they’ll thank you every time girlfriend lace up.