It has actually now become really easy to monitor a Smartphone using the GPS functions of the phone. This can be done by tracking the phone call number based upon information obtained from mobile carrier and likewise from the general practitioners chip ~ above the phone which is used by particular apps in order to function well.

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You might not want your general practitioners location tracked by anyone or through apps on her device. When playing gamings like Pokémon Go, the geo-location data top top your device is offered to pinpoint whereby you space for objectives of gameplay. In the exact same manner, malicious human being can monitor you in the exact same way. Right here you will learn exactly how to stop someone indigenous tracking her phone in straightforward and basic ways.

Part 1: exactly how do people track your phone?

There room several methods in which civilization can track the location of your phone. This deserve to be risky at times, especially if you have a stalker. These room the usual ways in which world track phones:

GPS location: all Smartphones come v a general practitioners chip, i beg your pardon continually gives the gps location of her device. This is good for several functions to job-related on the phone, however it can additionally be exploited by malicious people. The general practitioners location is also used to find lost devices or persons who are tested in recognize directions and also may acquire lost. As such the general practitioners chip role is a double-edged sword.

IMEI information: This is info that have the right to be tracked utilizing data that is discovered on your mobile provider"s servers. This is the details that legislation enforcers use to track crooks, and rescue groups use to track people lost in disaster zones. The IMEI it s okay recorded when you mobile device pings off mobile transmission towers that space nearby

The apps that are supplied by world to track mobile gadgets will track among these 2 features. If you carry out not want to it is in tracked, climate you have actually to uncover ways in which to disable this functions.

The sections listed below will display you just how to avoid someone from tracking your iPhone through ease.

Part 2: how to stop my iphone phone from gift tracked?

If you have an iPhone, the adhering to methods can be provided to stop someone from tracking her device

1) usage Dr.Fone-Virtual Location(iOS)

This is a tool that you have the right to use to change the virtual ar of her device. The device comes with an effective features that enable you to teleport to any part of the world within one instant, and even begin to move about a map as if you were physically in the area.

This might be especially valuable when you desire to cheat the people tracking your an equipment that you are actually in the teleport location. The beauty of the application is that you can permanently teleport to one more place and also stay there for as long as friend like.

In order come see how to usage dr. Fone to teleport your an equipment to one more location, monitor the tutorial on this page.

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 world have download it

2) Disable far-ranging Locations ~ above iPhone

Start by launching "Settings" native your home screenNext, tap on "Privacy"At the height of the screen, insanity "Location Services"Now tap on "System Services" i beg your pardon is discovered at the bottom of the listAfter that, tap ~ above "Significant Locations"Proceed and enter her Passcode, Touch i would or challenge ID relying on the security settings on her iPhoneFinally, toggle the "Significant Locations" come the "OFF" position. The move will revolve grey, indicating that the company has been turned off.

3) turn off ar tracking of details apps

You may turn off place tracking for certain apps the you feel might be provided to track her position. This is just how you go about transforming them off.

Start off by beginning the "settings" application from your house ScreenNow go down and also tap top top "Privacy"From here select "Location services"Now go to the listing because that the app and also then pick it. You will see 3 choices: "Never", "While utilizing the App" and "Always"Make your choice and the place Services for the app will be switched off.

4) Disable re-publishing My location service

Access the "settings" app from your residence ScreenGo down the list and then tap top top "Privacy"Scroll down and also go to the "Locations Services"Now pick the "Share mine Location" option
Now toggle the switch to the best to revolve it right into the "OFF" position

5) Disable location-based notifications or alerts

Navigate to the "Settings" application on your home screen

Scroll under the list till you obtain to the "Privacy" option; tap on it

At the optimal of the screen, tap top top "Location Services" together you walk before

Now scroll under the list and also click ~ above the "System services" option


Toggle the switch on the ideal side that "Location-Based Alerts" right into the "OFF" position


Part 3:How to protect against my android from being tracked

You likewise need to know just how to prevent Google indigenous tracking your Android phone. This function can be used to monitor your machine through various other apps.

1) stop Google Tracking on Android device

Access the "settings" app on your residence screenNow examine your accounts till you uncover the "Google Account" optionTap ~ above it and then scroll under to the "Manage her Data & Personalization" option and also tap top top itYou will find "Activity Controls" where you have the right to pause or turn off the service altogether.If you desire tighter regulate of the tracking features, friend can additionally scroll down until you get to "Manage Your task Controls"Here you can delete all her past activity records so nobody deserve to track you using your place history.

2) turn off Android place Tracking

Apart from stopping Google tracking on her device, friend may likewise turn off place tracking of various other apps as displayed below

Start by walk to her "Settings" app and then picking "Security & Location"Scroll around and also look because that the "Use Location" option and then toggle it to the "OFF" position

Many people would prevent at this time and think the their place is totally turned off, but this is no the case. The Android device could still it is in tracked using IMEI, Wi-Fi, and also many various other sensors. Come disable these, walk to the "advanced" option and then toggle off the following features:

Google Emergency place Service. This is a organization that tells emergency services where you are situated when you dial the emergency service number.

Google ar Accuracy. This is a GPS feature that offers the Wi-Fi address and various other services to show your location.

Google ar History. With this, you have the right to switch turn off the arsenal of your place history.

Google location Sharing. This will turn off location sharing if you use it to connect with friends and family.

3) Nord VPN

Nord VPN is a great tool come fake your general practitioners location and stop world from tracking your phone. It functions by masking your true IP deal with and then using servers in an additional location to fake your position. This device is good for stopping people from tracking you using browser-based apps. It also does influence the general practitioners chip and stop that from transmitting her true location. Nord VPN has servers in countries all over the world, which means you deserve to move your ar to another continent to fool those who might be tracking you.


4) Fake general practitioners Go

This is an app that you have the right to download to your android maker from Google beat Store. That is safe and also will not impact the common functioning of her device. Simply gain it native Google pat Store, download it, and also launch it. As soon as it is up and also running, you have to use the map interface to pin the brand-new location that you desire to teleport to. Everyone who might be tracking you will instantly be fooled the you are in the new location. Friend may also move around using the Joystick attribute just as if you room on the floor in the teleport location.

just how to usage Fake gps Go

From the "Settings" app, navigate under to "About Phone" and also then tap top top "Build Number" seven times in order to allow the "Developer Options".
Launch Fake gps go and the provide it the required access. Go earlier to "Developer Options" and then walk down until you find Fake gps Go. Toggle it come the "ON" position.Now go earlier to "Mock location App" and also then select Fake general practitioners Go. You will certainly now be able to fake her location and stop civilization from tracking your device.
To actually change the virtual place of her device, start Fake gps Go once much more and then access the map interface. Pick a location far from your actual location and then pin it together your "real" location. This will certainly instantly show that you have actually moved to this brand-new location and also throw off human being who room tracking your Android device.

5) Fake general practitioners Free

This is yet one more tool the you can use come fake your general practitioners location and fool world who may be trying to track her Android device. The tool is quite light and does not use up mechanism resources making it safe and also easy to use.

Begin through unlocking the developer options just favor you did in the step above. Then proceed to Google beat Store and also download and also install Fake gps free.Go to "Settings > Developer options > Mock ar App". Here you will pick Fake GPS cost-free and then grant it the crucial permissions on your device.
Return come your home screen and the start Fake gps free. Access the map interface and then examine for a location much from her actual position. Friend may also zoom in and better pinpoint a brand-new location.You will obtain a notice once you have successfully spoofed her location. You may now nearby the app and also it will certainly still work in the elevator ensuring the your place stays long-term in the brand-new area friend selected.

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In conclusion

If you want to prevent Google native tracking her location, these room the approaches that you have to use to rotate off your general practitioners location top top both iOS and also Android. You require to know that you space safe every the time and this is a action that you should take once you feel favor you are being tracked for nefarious reasons. However, you should do this with caution together the info can also be offered in a helpful manner. The best option is to rotate on the general practitioners when you need it and also then rotate it off when you execute not, or usage an iOS spoofing tool.