Your iPhone will track and record areas that friend visit most often to provide much better location-based data and also suggestions across iOS 11. While these suggestions deserve to be super helpful, you might not like the idea of her iPhone and iPad tracking the places you frequent

If you worth your privacy much more than you perform location-based data and suggestions, you deserve to turn the attribute off.

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How to rotate off far-reaching Locations top top iPhone and iPad

Launch the Settings app native the home screen.Tap on Privacy.Tap Location Services at the top.

Tap System Services. It"s every the means down at the bottom of the list.


Tap Significant Locations.

Enter your passcode, use Touch ID, or Face ID, come authenticate access.

Tap the Significant locations On/Off Switch. Once the switch is gray, that means the feature has to be turned off.


That"s every there is to it. Locations you take trip to most will no longer be tracked. If this come at the cost of not having as accurate place data in locations like the Today an introduction screen, it likewise preserves her privacy better and to a the majority of us, that"s more important.

Updated January 2018: totally overhauled the post to reflect alters in iOS 11.






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