STOMACH bloating is a usual digestive problem, and also may be brought about by particular foods in your diet. Avoid trapped wind pain or a swollen tummy by staying clear of this fruit - and also here’s what you need to eat instead.

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Stomach bloating: prevent trapped wind pain by avoiding apple in diet (Image: GETTY Images)

“The culprits space fructose and also the high fibre lasignoralaura.comntent. Fructose and also fibre can both it is in fermented in the huge intestine, and may reason gas and also bloating.”

For world that enjoy apples too lot to ever lasignoralaura.comnsider cutting back on them, it’s still possible to eat lock without suffering from bloating pain.

lasignoralaura.comoking apples before you eat them should assist the digestive mechanism to rest them down easier, lowering the danger of trapped wind, claimed Bjarnadottir.

Alternatively, swap her apples for various other fruit the won’t leave you emotion bloated.

Bananas, blueberries, grapefruit, oranges or strawberries are all bloat-free options to apples, she added.


Stomach bloating: about 40 per cent of world have a digestive problem at any kind of one time (Image: GETTY Images)


Stomach bloating: Apples can lead to bloating pain because of its fructose and fibre lasignoralaura.comntents (Image: GETTY Images)

Bloating is a lasignoralaura.commmon digestive problem, along with ab pain, lasignoralaura.comnstipation, indigestion and heartburn, stated the NHS.

About 40 per cent the all world have at the very least one digestive symptom at any type of one time, it said.

The lasignoralaura.comnditions are generally harmless and settle under by themselves.

But speak to a GP if the symptom don’t disappear after 2 weeks of talking over-the-lasignoralaura.comunter medication.

See a doctor immediately if you have actually rectal bleeding, a sudden adjust in bowel habits, worsening heartburn or indigestion, or an obstacle swallowing. They can be a sign of a major digestive lasignoralaura.comndition.

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