As I’ve created before, autoplaying video clip is one of the many obnoxious things around the modern-day web. It’s insensitive come users’ demands (they might be somewhere quiet, or listening come their very own audio/video), because that one. For another, data hat on mobile plans make this practice an especially bad, specifically with restricted ways come block such on cell phone devices. Fortunately, prevent autoplay videos has become a typical feature built into browsers, despite to varying levels of effectiveness. It also tends come be an ext of a attribute of desktop computer browsers versus your mobile counterparts, despite the aforementioned data lid problem.

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Below are some ways of blocking autoplay videos. In addition, the use of advertisement blocker extensions like uBlock Origin and privacy extensions like Privacy Badger might additionally help.

Blocking autoplay videos in desktop computer browsers


“iPhone 6S launch Riga” through Janitors is licensed under CC by 2.0 (Flickr / cropped from original)

Unfortunately, mobile browsers have tendency to be much more locked under than desktop ones, per the nature of mobile devices (and their app stores, etc.). Overall, iOS provides fewer autoplay blocking features versus Android.


There’s pretty much no means to block autoplay on the mobile execution of Chrome for Android or iOS. Your ideal bet’s to switch to another browser.


Turning off autoplay in the mobile variation of Safari isn’t as straightforward. The ideal option involves turning off video clip previews for every Apple-tied apps, including Safari: on her iPhone or iPad, walk to setups > availability > Motions, then deactivate “Auto-Play video Previews.” i tried this on mine iPad; it appears to job-related on CNN’s website.


On Android, transforming off autoplay works as it does ~ above the desktop versions. Walk to settings > website Permissions > Autoplay and change the setups accordingly.

There doesn’t seem come be comparable settings obtainable on the iOS variation as far as I can tell. Unfortunately, the iOS version of Firefox additionally doesn’t support third-party plugins, so that option’s not available.


Edge because that iOS doesn’t offer an autoplay block feature. It does top top Android, however: go to setups > site permissions > Media > Autoplay, and deactivate it.

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Overall, because that blocking autoplay videos on the desktop, I’d go v an extension if using Chrome or Edge, and also the integrated features if making use of Firefox or Safari. On Android, the options are one of two people switch to Firefox or sheet or placed up through it in Chrome; on iOS, follow the Safari accuse given.