One mainly in respectable I uncovered myself waking up virtually daily through a racing love at 3am. I would bolt awake, heart racing, think whirling, my head filled v apocalyptic possibilities.

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After countless days that this, I obtained up one sleepless morning, opened up my laptop and destroyed my accessibility to the news.

"Destroy"" may be an overdramatic means of relenten what ns did, yet it truly felt prefer it. A "nuke" choice after months of failing to regulate a healthier info diet. It was an join of defeat.

Watching the news was slowly damaging my psychological health and also I couldn"t outwit the clickbaits or algorithms. I had to construct a great Wall versus a horde the cannot be quit or reasoned with.

It’s been over a week due to the fact that I quit watching the news (either via social media or websites) and I to be astounded by how easily my mood improved. After simply a work of my new information diet, I discovered myself less anxious and angry. After 7 days, I started dreaming up brand-new plots for my long-abandoned novel — something i’ve not had actually the bandwidth to perform for the longest time.

Spoiler alert: The 24/7 news cycle is unhealthy

Before i tell you exactly how I finally regulated to quit city hall the news, let me clarify the the “news” i’m talking around is the fast bites of info that feed the fast-twitch, clickbait 24-hour news cycle. The breaking news updates from the CNNs the the world, the talking heads yelling at each various other as they react to a new political/social/disaster the the day.

That news? that is the junk food that information. It’s sustained by speculation, drama and also is frequently unverified. These days, news will be “spiced up” with opinion. That pretty apparent with news channels like CNN — the anchor human being often inject their own opinions and also biases into the news castle report.

I’m not, however, preventing long-form journalism, the expensive form of journalism that takes weeks, sometimes months come produce: Documentaries, investigative pieces, the books that discover a topic thorough rather 보다 dip into shallow waters.

Also included is the hyper-local news like neighborhood newspapers. Mine township has actually one and also I keep abreast v my town’s happenings v it.

The create point

I’ve always been a news junkie. As soon as I used to jet-set approximately the world, among my biggest delights would be to buy a physics copy of the city’s newspapers, head to a cafe and also read v it progressively with a cup the coffee.

In my beforehand days together a journalist, I desired to focus on global news. Ns did not read or watch Malaysia’s political news as much, finding it terribly anxiety-provoking and upsetting.

However, ~ a couple of years in the industry, unpleasant that ns wasn’t together “caught up” as my colleagues, I started deep diving right into it. Later, it ended up being a job necessity. I was a newsroom subeditor — I had actually to know.

After leaving journalism in 2018, I ongoing the habit, emotion that it was my responsibility to store a near eye top top the movers and shakers the Malaysian politics. But I didn’t reap the process. I periodically withdrew when it got too much, only to get drawn back again once things heated up.

Like in July and August 2021 as soon as Malaysia plunged right into political chaos yet again.

As politicians blatantly flouted SOPs and also filled us up with durians, many Malaysians precise starved, fell ill, and died. Yet below they were, scrabbling o secure powerful positions quite than take care of the unfortunate.

The news covered every one of this dutifully. Social media to be filled through rage, despair, pain in ~ the injustice. On optimal of the usual COVID-19 fare, ns was drowning in the deluge of poor news.

I couldn’t sleep properly. I occasionally teared up end what ns read, worried around the future of mine country. I began thinking of acquisition medication come weather the depression.

As a former journalist and also information junkie, It has been hard to recognize this: The information I to be consuming through websites and also social media was destroying my mental health. And the only method to conserve it to be to quit the news.

Quitting now felt irresponsible in ~ a time when democracy was at its knees however I was an emotionally wreck.

I review books, articles and listened to podcasts, make the efforts to uncover a way out come “quit responsibly”.

And castle all said the same thing: when they quit watching the news, they came to be happier, more an innovative and productive, and were an ext at tranquility with the world. And they could still remain informed yet at their own pace and also choice!


I to be now encouraged that quitting the fast-twitch clickbait 24-hour news cycle was the best thing come do. Here’s why:

I. You have no regulate over the occasions covered by the news

Question: just how does knowing every politics move assist us keep Malaysia"s democracy? We are spectators that can"t impact any change to the events. It just sparks helplessness and also hopelessness.

2. You don"t need continuous horse gyeongju updates to stay informed

We can exercise our legal rights by voting, and we don"t have to be updated through hour-by-hour exploits of political leaders to make a good decision. We are a Google away from a long-form piece that will bring us as much as speed. And also believe me, essential news will still acquire to friend — through the old fashioned method of person-to-person communication.

3. You room being fed mentally abusive content

The news, specifically from Malaysia’s mainstream media, is a conduit where propaganda flows. Just in Malaysia carry out we acquire lectured like small kids by all manner of Important world telling us exactly how to think, believe and behave! (I mean, we literally have headlines that say, “Be grateful for what the federal government is doing”!)

To it is in blunt, the stories convey gaslighting make the efforts by VIPS who lie around the present reality and deny our really real viewpoints. Gaslighting has an extremely real mental impacts.

Reading every this doesn’t make us an ext informed — it only makes your blood pressure rise as your mind screams, “But that’s not true!”

4. You will certainly be trapped in a cycle of despair and also outrage

Malaysians space exposed to an unfavorable news everyday through the media — even independent ones.

Malaysia is doomed, lock scream. The people is in a hopeless place!

When i was plugged in, i was continually anxious, angry, hopeless and also in despair around the future. I bet you mine cortisol level were with the roof and It is among the reasons why mine sleep to be being disrupted.

5. Your physical health and wellness will it is in damaged … at a time once you require it most

Sky-high cortisol and adrenaline levels have actually real physical damage. The consistent stress, the lack of sleep, gyeongju heartbeat, high blood press … all this will undermine your immune system. Throughout COVID-19 times, you need your immune system to be in the finest shape possible.

6. You are being fed gossip and also speculation

During the turmoil of July and August, the news portals to be filled with talking heads and opinions the analysts. One editor I highly respected composed an opinion piece around how hopeless she feIt as we to be at the mercy that a broken system.

Tell me something ns don"t know, i sighed. And that was when I establish the piece hosted no advantage to me except to convey the author"s hopelessness, despair and message the we are well and also truly fucked.

But to what end? That us should provide up? accept this reality? What?

It was not actionable, advantageous content.

Don"t gain me began on the analysts. Every one of them make the efforts to be Nostradamus together they try to guess: v the motives and moves of these players. And also I need to admit the I read them since they are like the latest conspiracy theories from Whatsapp aunties and also uncles — entertain bits that gossip.

7. You could use the moment ruminating on bad news top top something an ext productive

I am pretty sure I have spent hrs doomscrolling the last couple of months. How around you?

Hours that might have been provided doing more edifying things such as hanging out v loved ones, discovering something beneficial or uplifting or perfect projects.

And if us truly want to aid democracy and also our fellow man, it’s far an ext useful come volunteer our time to advantageous causes instead of acting as an armchair critic, retweeting content and railing top top Twitterjaya.

8. The barrage of poor news is eating away at her creativity

All that worry, anger and also rumination over things we have actually no regulate over take away up brain space. It will certainly rob girlfriend of creative, mental energy.

Give you yourself a leg up by cut away points that space eating far at your already restricted reserves of an innovative energy.

How to stop watching the news

Now that we’re clean on the whys, this is one point you do not do it do as soon as you quit the news: rely on her willpower and also discipline.

The documentary The social Dilemma highlighted the pervasive affect of algorithms; how they room designed to store us addicted. News is created in a way to capture your attention and provoke solid emotions. Worse, humans are biologically wired come gravitate towards an adverse news due to the fact that our survive instincts demand it.

The device is working tough to record your attention. And also it’s designed come win.

Don’t fight against this v your limited reserves of willpower. Instead, make the resistance automatic.

Here’s what ns did come liberate myself indigenous news addiction:

1. Curate her social media feed

Unfollow human being that feeding you toxic news and only monitor those that offer you joy. However, even if friend unfollow everyone on Facebook, Facebook will still sneak in write-ups from civilization you have actually unfollowed and there"s no method to control sponsored posts. Sneaky buggers! You deserve to install society Fixer to manage your newsfeed better.

2. Nuke her newsfeed

The easiest means is to use Newsfeed Eradicator to change your newsfeed with a quote.

3. Make Twitter fads indecipherable

Turn her Twitter trends section into a language friend can’t review (I decided Korean Hangul!) so that you space not informed about the latest news alarm on Twitter. The has operated beautifully for me.

4. Block accessibility to news sites:

BlockSite is an excellent for this.

5. Mute Whatsapp chats

Especially from groups or human being who are resources of negative news. You have the right to still examine them, but limit your time.

6. Tell her friends and also family

Gently and kindly say that you’d not prefer to it is in told the the recent gossip, political move or disaster. And keep on reinforcing it as countless will try to test this boundary!

7. Replace with healthier contents

If you an information junkie choose me, cutting off her addictive resource of info will it is in hard. Replace the void with content, preferably long-form content that have depth, that will provide you positivity and also inspiration. Ns follow cat and also dog videos and also now am will on channeling my energy into studying the Bible and also books on slow living and also minimalism.

It’s pretty stunner to realise that we have to do all this to gain some peace on the Internet!

It go to present how social media channels and news portals space not designed for our wellness in mind, however to keep us glued come the display screens so that they have the right to mine data and also profits from us.

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I’ll let you know how I’m doing with my new information diet a few months under the road.