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Watering eye, epiphora or tearing, is a condition in which over there is one overflow that tears ~ above the face, regularly without a clear explanation.

There is insufficient tear film drainage from the eye or eyes. Instead of the tears draining through the nasolacrimal system, lock overflow onto the face.

Tears are necessary to save the front surface ar of the eye healthy and maintain clean vision, however too many tears deserve to make it daunting to see. This have the right to make driving difficult or dangerous.

Epiphora can construct at any age, however it is more common in those aged under 12 month or end 60 years. It may influence one or both eyes.

Watering eye can usually be treated effectively.


The two main reasons of watering eyes room blocked tear ducts and also excessive manufacturing of tears.

Blocked tear ducts

Share top top PinterestBlocked ducts room the most common cause of watering eye in adults.
Some world are born through underdeveloped tear ducts. Newborns frequently have watery eye that work out within a few weeks, together the ducts develop.

The many common cause of watering eyes amongst adults and older children is clogged ducts or ducts that space too narrow. Small tear ducts usually end up being so as a an outcome of swelling, or inflammation.

If the tear ducts space narrowed or blocked, the tears will not have the ability to drain away and will develop up in the tear sac.

Stagnant tears in the tear sac increase the threat of infection, and also the eye will create a sticky liquid, make the difficulty worse. Infection can also lead to inflammation on the side of the nose, beside the eye.

Narrow drainage networks on the insides the the eyes (canaliculi) can come to be blocked. This is led to by ede or scarring.

Over-production the tears

Irritated eyes may produce much more tears than normal as the human body tries to rinse the irritant away.

The adhering to irritants can reason the over-production that tears:

an injury come the eye, such together a scrape or a bit of grit (tiny pebble or item of dirt)trichiasis, wherein eyelashes prosper inwardectropion, when the reduced eyelid transforms outward

Some people have tears with a high fat, or lipid, content. This may interfere with the also spread of liquid throughout the eye, leaving dried patches which become sore, irritated and also cause the eye to produce an ext tears.

Other causes

There room many reasons of watering eyes. The adhering to conditions among others can additionally lead come an overflow of tears:

keratitis, an epidemic of the corneacorneal ulcer, an open sore that develops on the eyestyes or chalazions, lumps that can grow on the sheet of the eyelida trouble with glands in the eyelids referred to as the Meibomian glandsuse of specific medications

Treatment relies on how severe the problem is and also the cause.

In mild cases, doctors might recommend simply watchful waiting, or doing nothing and monitoring the patient’s progress.

Different causes of watering eyes have specific treatment options:

Trichiasis: one inward-growing eyelash, or some foreign object that lodged in the eye, the medical professional will remove it.Ectropion: The eyelid turns outwards – the patient may need to undergo surgical treatment in i beg your pardon the tendon that holds the outer eyelid in ar is tightened.Blocked tear ducts: surgical treatment can produce a brand-new channel native the tear sac come the within of the nose. This enables the tears to bypass the blocked part of the tear duct. This surgical procedure is referred to as dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR).

If the drainage channels, or canaliculi, on the within of the eye room narrowed yet not entirely blocked, the doctor might use a probe to make them wider. When the canaliculi are fully blocked an operation might be required.

Watering eye in babies

In newborns, the condition usually resolves itself within a few weeks.

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Sometimes a sticky liquid may kind around the baby’s eye or eyes. You have the right to use a item of noodle wool that has been wet in sterile water come clean the eyes.

Sterile water demands to it is in boiled, however make sure it is cooled before dipping the cotton wool right into it.

occasionally tears deserve to be dislodged by gently massaging the tear ducts. Apply light press with the finger and thumb come the outside of the nose.