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On select your file picture, then choose Paid memberships > Manage Membership > Cancel Membership.Give a reason for leave (this is optional) and confirm the cancellation.On the cell phone app: walk to Profile > Paid memberships > YouTube Premium > Manage > Cancel Membership.

YouTube Premium has actually a most benefits plenty of viewers appreciate, but it isn"t for everyone. This write-up explains exactly how to cancel your membership.

exactly how to Unsubscribe indigenous YouTube Premium top top the web

You have the right to cancel your YouTube Premium member from any web internet browser on your smartphone, tablet, or computer as long as you're logged in to your YouTube account. Here's how:

YouTube Premium and also YouTube Red are precisely the exact same things. YouTube Red was the initial name of the service. Numerous early adopters still contact it YouTube Red simply out of habit, however it's official now referred to as YouTube Premium.

Go to in your desired internet browser and select her profile avatar in the top-right corner of the screen.


Your selected internet web browser should open and load the mobile net version of your paid memberships. Under YouTube Premium, select Cancel Membership.

What walk YouTube Premium Do?

YouTube Premium provides a number of benefits you shed once friend cancel her membership, including:

Ad-free viewing: YouTube Premium subscribers don"t view banner advertisements or any kind of pre, mid, or post-roll video clip ads while utilizing YouTube.Offline viewing: Those through a YouTube Premium membership deserve to download some videos for viewing at a later on time.YouTube Originals: Unlimited access to TV series, specials, and also movies created exclusively because that YouTube Premium subscribers. One such example is the Karate Kid sequel series, Cobra Kai.

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The consistent YouTube smartphone, tablet, and also gaming console apps are supplied to access YouTube Premium content. Over there is no YouTube Premium app.