Defeat her no-storage woes v roll-up drying racks, pull-down spice racks, and an ext clever organizers.

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This cooker steams meats and veggies (healthy!) while rice cooks below, therefore you have a delicious and also nutritious meal without every the foot work.

Promising review: "I love this rice cooker! I"ve uncovered so numerous uses because that it! I use is daily and it"s take away the dread out of cooking rice. Perfect cooks and also steams every time!! really easy to clean." —CK

Get the from Amazon for $29.31+ (available in two colors).

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Promising review: "These expandable shelves room the bomb. They room a an excellent size (measure your cabinets closely if utilizing inside). They are exceptionally sturdy and the "expandable" feature is for this reason handy. I have four of these; 3 are provided for dishes and one in my pantry. This shelf doubles the warehouse area because that canned goods and also is a an excellent addition to any type of cabinet. ns am a Fiestaware collector and I have actually no worry that these sturdy shelves will organize my heavy dishes. If you require to increase your storage...get these. Friend won"t be sorry." —Amazon Fan

Get it from Amazon because that $16.99.

14. A pan and lid rack for this reason you never ever again need to shout an additional profane word indigenous trying to eliminate one pot and having castle all loss out ~ above you. Plus, it"ll just cost-free up so much space.

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Promising review: "I execute not regret acquiring this summer sprouts organizer! i can ultimately find all of my spices without having actually to relocate several out of the way. Friend know, like as soon as you need to move ten party from the shelf simply to acquire to that one arbitrarily spice in the earlier of the cabinet the you barely remembered that you even had? This organizer not just holds the standard size spice bottles, but likewise the tool sized ones, too! This comes with numerous labels the you can add to the front of the drawers to aid further organize your goods.

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ns did find that over there were several spice names that were not offered, yet the blank labels serve that function as needed. Ns only have actually one, yet it walk look like one more one might easily stack on height of this because that those who space spice hoards!!" —TeamDavidAndSarah

Get the 12-bottle rack indigenous Amazon for $19.99 (available in 4 sizes).

promising review: "The perfect storage solution for those of us through a smaller sized kitchen space! conveniently installed, simplistic design, and also super convenient!" —Amy O