To store your house safe and pest-free and your belongings in good shape, don’t ever store these items in her garage.

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While firewood may be crucial year-round clip in your house or backyard, it’s additionally a magnet because that pests that will certainly happily do the jump into your house. Save firewood at the very least 20 feet far from the home — that contains the garage — and also only lug in as lot as is necessary.

Sleeping Bags

Fluctuating temperatures and also humidity space not ideal problems for save fabric. That can acquire moldy, and rodents love to chew it. The tempting come stash resting bags with various other non-fabric camping gives in the garage, however don’t carry out it! Store resting bags, clothes and other fabric items inside her house.


Extreme heat and also extreme cold can change paint formulas. So if the temperature in your garage is a rollercoaster throughout the year, the not suitable place because that storing her leftover paint. Check the paint deserve to label for recommended warehouse temperatures. But if your paint happens come freeze throughout the winter, it’s no necessarily ruined.


Your child’s favorite toys — specifically stuffed animals and other plush toys — have to be stored in one area various other than the garage. Dust mites, various other insects and even mice may have their way with the toys if provided the chance. If you have to store toys in the garage, make sure they space in airtight containers.

Propane Tanks

A propane tank is commonly safe, however if it happens to leak in an enclosed room such together your garage, any tiny spark — even starting your vehicle — can reason a fire. Keep them outside, in an area that won’t be topic to extremely high temperatures.

Old Computers

Humidity and temperature fluctuations can reason computers and also other electronic devices to brief out. Constantly store electronic devices inside her home. And also if it’s time to eliminate old computers, follow this advice instead of cluttering up your garage.

Printed Photographs

Printed photos (especially those the don’t have actually digital copies) need to never be stored in the garage. Heat, cold and humidity will certainly quickly ruin those cherished memories.

Important Papers and Files

Don’t risk keeping those important papers such as clinical records, passports and also birth certificates in her garage. The very same goes because that photos as they can be damaged by water and also excess humidity in the air. If you have to keep some record items in the garage, save them in an airtight plastic container.


Fluctuating temperatures and also humidity have the right to actually transform the taste the wine. Luckily, we’ve obtained this an excellent indoor warehouse idea that you can develop yourself.

Old Clothing

Consider storing her old clothing — whether your favorite dresses, winter coats or sweaters — someplace various other than the garage. Clothes attract moths, and fur and leather don’t host up well once stored in damp areas. Keep clothing in sealed plastic bags and store in another area of the home.

Canned Food

Contrary come what you may think, canned foods are not spoil-proof and also should be stored in ~ temperatures between 50 and also 70 degrees. Humidity in a garage can additionally cause cans and also metal sheathe on glass jars come rust, potentially bring about a chemistry reaction through the food inside.

Rugs and Carpeting

Rolled up rugs and carpeting make an excellent homes because that insects and also mice, so consider storing lock in a spot various other than her garage. The rug and carpet yarn will also absorb moisture and also odor, i m sorry may destroy them if left for lengthy periods.

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