In this short guide, we are going come answer the inquiry “How come store cut potatoes?”. We will also discuss answers to various other related questions like why do reduced potatoes rotate brown and how to avoid cut potatoes turn brown.

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How come store reduced potatoes?

Cut potatoes can be stored at room temperature or they can be refrigerated. To store them one of two people at room temperature or in the fridge, you must make certain that they space submerged in the water. If you have not submerged them and placed them on the kitchen countertop or the shelf of the fridge, castle will acquire dark overnight, and their taste will certainly not stay the same as the of freshly reduced potatoes.

3 means to store reduced potatoes

You deserve to store the cut potatoes in any type of of the following three ways depending on the time length that exactly how long you desire to store them fresh. Before cutting potato to store them, make certain to thoroughly wash them as they will be having dust particles and pesticide residual water attached to them. If they are not wash properly, you may come to be a victim of significant food-borne condition after your consumption.

Storing potatoes at room temperature

Cut potatoes have the right to be stored in ~ room temperature for about 1-2 hours only without turning dark detailed suitable warehouse conditions.

To keep potatoes at room temperature, you need to very first wash the potatoes thoroughly to make certain that every the dust corpuscle or pesticide residues have actually been removed. When washed, peel them through a potato peeler and cut them right into cubes of the forced and an ideal size. Now, take it a bowl filled v cold water and add some splashes of an acidic ingredient like lemon juice or white vinegar. Include the potato cubes to that bowl. Cover the bowl v an air-tight lid or a spread of plastic sheet or aluminum foil to keep the contents off-limits from the air and also minimize the opportunities of inadvertently spillage. Save the key at some perfect place until you should use them within 2 hours.

Storing cut potatoes in the refrigerator

Cut potatoes have the right to be save on computer in the frozen fridge for about 24 hrs without turning dark if you provide them specific storage conditions. 

To store reduced potatoes in the refrigerator, the same measures are to it is in repeated. Like, you need to thoroughly wash the potatoes, reduced them into an ideal sized cubes, add them come a bowl containing water and some splashes of vinegar or lemon juice, and cover the bowl with a lid, or stretched plastic paper to save the materials off-limits native the moisture and avoid any type of absorbance of aroma from anything save in the fridge. Keep the key on the shelf the the fridge till you should use the potatoes in ~ 24 hours.

Storing reduced potatoes in the freezer

Cut potatoes deserve to be save on computer in the freezer for up to 3 month without gift spoiled and turning dark provided the storage problems are fit.

To store cut potatoes in the freezer, you require to very first wash the potato thoroughly. The is no recommended come peel the potatoes if you have to freeze them. Just reduced them right into the forced shape like cubes or fries. Next, heavy steam them on the stovetop till they space tender yet not rather soft sufficient to eat. Drainpipe the steamed potatoes and immediately transfer them come a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking process. As soon as the potatoes space cooled enough, drain the cold water and also dry the potatoes. Ar them top top the baking sheet such that they are well-spaced from every other. Frozen the tray for around 12 hrs until every the cubes are frozen. Once frozen, you have the right to transfer them come a freezer suitable container and also freeze them for 2-3 months.

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Why do cut potatoes turn brown?

It is a basic observation that if you reduced the potatoes and also leave them because that a while, they can quickly turn dark. The scientific research behind this process is the the potatoes contain one enzyme well-known as polyphenol oxidase which tends to react v the oxygen existing in the environment. Adhering to this process of oxidation, the flesh of potatoes transforms grey or brownish.

How to avoid reduced potatoes turning brown?

Potatoes that have actually turned brown due to the oxidation process are edible but they become less appetizing. To protect against the potatoes turning brown the simplest thing you deserve to do is simply to add them to a bowl of cold water. The ice-cold water will assist you slow down the procedure of oxidation and you deserve to become permit to save the reduced potatoes for relatively a lengthy time. Also, including a few splashes of acidic substance like citrus juice or white vinegar have the right to slow down the process of oxidation through lowering the pH.


In this short guide, us answered the question “How come store reduced potatoes?”. We also discussed answers to other related questions choose why do cut potatoes turn brown and how come avoid reduced potatoes revolve brown.

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