Americans who don’t pay because that Fox News Channel have the right to still tune in for the latest news and also information amid the growing coronavirus pandemic.

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Fox corporation will provide everyone in America unlimited free access to Fox News Channel and FOX television Stations during the pandemic, the firm announced on Wednesday.

“Our highest duty as a firm is to provide the individuals and also communities we serve with info and analysis to help educate and protect them during dangerous times. That is why we space today do Fox News and FOX tv stations available to anyone in the country,” Fox Corporation executive Chairman and also CEO Lachlan Murdoch said.

“In this same spirit of offering the publicly with essential resources, critical week we released, a free-to-use website featuring break news, live stream updates, and exclusive interviews with wellness officials. We are also proud to it is in partnering with the ad Council and also National association of broadcasters to wait public business announcements around coronavirus throughout our platforms.”

Fox Corp. Will occupational with television partners come ensure anyone in the nation has accessibility to Fox News and FOX tv Stations nevertheless of their specific package, in ~ no extra fee. This will allow everyone to access the latest information as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds.

Fox News will be obtainable for free on, the FOX News app,, and the FOX currently app. FOX’s 29 owned and also operated television stations will be available for free on and the FOX currently app.

Fox News Media Chief executive, management Officer Suzanne Scott and also FOX television Stations Chief executive, management Officer Jack Abernethy included in a share statement: “In our devoted mission to notify the public, Fox News Channel and FOX tv Stations are proud to administer Americans with free access to extensive urgent national and also local news ~ above the pandemic, serving together a crucial resource throughout this unmatched crisis. We likewise want come acknowledge and thank our circulation partners, who played an essential role in helping make these an useful news sources available an ext broadly."

FOX tv Stations and also FOX News Media also launched a nightly three-minute live report, anchored by FNC’s bill Hemmer, to provide perspective, facts and also context top top coronavirus. The one-of-a-kind report airs weekdays at 6 p.m. ET on local FOX affiliates.

Fox News’ Dr. Marc Siegel has been a fixture top top the network that recently beefed up its medical coverage with a pair of new contributors, including to the team that likewise features Dr. Nicole Saphier and Dr. Manny Alvarez.


FNC added emergency medical experienced Dr. Janette Nesheiwat as a contributor top top Monday to provide analysis around the recurring crisis, after adding Dr. Martin Makary last week.

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Fox News recently celebrated its 18th consecutive year together the most-watchedcable newsnetwork, dating back to January 2002.FNC’s 18-year streak is for both primetime and total-day viewers, including the vital demographic the adults period 25-54.


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