Whether you"re planning an all-out brand-new Year"s eve party or you"re counting down the final moments that 2021 in sweats on your couch, there"s something special about brand-new Year"s Eve and also the promise of other new. While critical year"s time Square celebrations were not open to the public because of the COVID-19 pandemic, brand-new Year"s night 2021 in the huge Apple is poised to it is in a bit an ext lively. Check out on for everything you should know about how and also where to watch the round drop in 2022!

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Is the new Year"s Eve round drop continue this year?

Watching the brand-new Year"s Eve sphere drop in Time"s Square is among the most beloved new Year"s Eve activities out there. And just favor in 2020, the sphere will indeed drop in Time"s Square this year, yet this time that won"t it is in a totally online experience.

The annual ball autumn is continue in times Square on December 31, 2021, through festivities beginning around 6 p.m. And also going until midnight.

Unlike 2020, world are being encouraged to to visit in human this year — but, like many celebrations that have happened since the pandemic began, things will look slightly different. For those planning to travel to Manhattan for the big event in person, there will be some important changes and safety rule to note — but prior to we covering that, here"s exactly how you get an IRL spot at Time Square"s famed ball drop, if you"re curious: If you Google "Ball drop tickets," you"ll likely discover a many of places offering all-access passes to parties at adjacent restaurants and also hotels, for a selection of prices. However, there room no official tickets for the sphere drop. It is a cost-free event, open up to the public, top top a first-come, first-serve basis. Over there are tickets obtainable to personal parties at nearby locations, yet those won"t constantly guarantee friend a spot v the best views the the ball.

If friend do manage to stake the end the ideal spot in Time"s Square, be all set to get comfortable, since there is no seating obtainable and there are no restrooms (not also portable restrooms). If all that sounds great to you, though, there space some other very important, very brand-new rules to keep in mind, too: Every single guest at this year"s round drop is forced to carry out proof of vaccination, together with a valid ID. This likewise applies to the parties bordering Time"s Square.

But if you"re plan to watch this year"s celebrations from afar, you"re in lucky — the occasion will be broadcast and easy come stream on both television and also the internet.


Where can I watch the ball drop on TV?

As usual, major television networks will certainly cover the round drop this year, with numerous of them special celebrity appearances and also multiple musical performances transparent the evening.

On ABC, Ryan Seacrest will certainly be ago to host Dick Clark"s Rockin" Eve v Ryan Seacrest, through the broadcast beginning at 8 p.m.On CNN, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen will when again host the drop, also beginning at 8 p.m.On NBC and also Peacock, popular music superstar Miley Cyrus and SNL"s Pete Davidson will organize the network"s brand-new Year"s Eve one-of-a-kind for the very first time. It will air live indigenous 10:30 p.m. To 12:30 a.m.

All this is to say — you have actually a many options. You have the right to stick come one special you like, or switch earlier and forth between all the different channels and also specials to try a small bit that everything.

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How to stream the round drop for free

If you have actually cable or a cable streaming platform choose YouTube TV, girlfriend should be able to watch many networks" coverage in actual time on your television. If not, Time"s Square"s official website likewise lists hosts a live webcast on its website. Live streams on NewYearseve.nyc and TimesSquareBall.net are also an excellent options because that watching the event live.