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Kennedy is a cord-cutting writer that is all around helping others conserve money. She"s been a expert writer for two years, v a year that experience committed to cord-cutting coverage. Before that, she took pleasure in writing during her 2 years in ~ Kalamazoo Valley community College, where she majored in basic Education. Check out more...

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Ditch your cable box and also start streaming everything to save some money if still gift able to watch seasonal shows. Soccer is a Thanksgiving tradition in countless households, and it’s basic to watch also if you reduced the cord.

Watch ~ above a Streaming Service


Cable instead of services generally offer access to local networks such as NBC, CBS, and also FOX, which are the three channels broadcasting football on Thanksgiving. Each of the streaming services listed below offers a complimentary trial, however the length of the psychological varies. Ensure the whichever organization you select works on all of the gadgets in her home.

Watch top top the NFL App


NFL video game Pass allows you watch gamings at any type of time because that $75 per year. Girlfriend can get a one-week totally free trial through apps easily accessible on iPhone, iPad, Android, Android TV, Roku, to apologize TV, Xbox One, and also PlayStation 4.

There’s a large caveat with this, though: there space some gamings you have the right to only watch on her smartphone. You also won’t be able to watch those gamings on the huge screen with Chromecast or AirPlay. When that’s not a gigantic deal, if she the only one watching, do the efforts to obtain your totality family to watch on a six-inch display screen just no going to happen.

Buy an Over-The-Air Antenna


While friend can acquire most content over the Internet, having actually a great Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna is an excellent for shows and sporting events that are broadcast on local channels. Even the latest smart TVs will have a coaxial input to hook up an antenna.


Using an antenna could be even far better than trying to stream the game over the Internet. With this option, you have the right to stream your game without competing with her kids’ tablet for internet bandwidth, and also you don’t have to worry about the stream ending because someone’s network crashed.

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OTA antennas just work, so you won’t have to replace it 3 years down the line. Girlfriend can get an antenna for as low together $18, as lengthy as you’re close sufficient to your favorite TV stations. Some OTA antennas even incorporate a totally free trial to Sling TV, for this reason you deserve to use that to jump-start the rest of her cord-cutting.

While it might take some effort to consider which option lets you watch the gamings you want, you’ll still have the ability to watch football this Thanksgiving and also save money by cut the cord!

Kennedy MaringKennedy is a cord-cutting writer that is all around helping others conserve money. She"s to be a professional writer for two years, with a year the experience specialized to cord-cutting coverage. Before that, she delighted in writing during her 2 years in ~ Kalamazoo Valley community College, wherein she majored in general Education. Read complete Bio »