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Like almost everything rather in 2020, Thanksgiving work will have actually an unexplained feel come it. Countless Americans might spend the vacation away from your loved persons after gift urged no to take trip as the country proceeds to struggle to regulate the coronavirus pandemic.

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Amid the unmatched circumstances, the NFL will administer some much-needed normality with an almost full food selection of soccer slated because that Thursday. For the 15th continuous year, the league had scheduled three gamings on Thanksgiving Day, but was required to reschedule the Baltimore Ravens" trip to Pittsburgh after break out of coronavirus amongst Baltimore players.

Originally scheduled for 8:20 p.m. ET ~ above Thanksgiving, the AFC phibìc rivalry has actually been postponed come 1:15 p.m. ET on Sunday and also will it is in nationally transfer by NBC, that would have brought the video game on Thursday.

Here"s all you need to understand to save up through the action as friend negotiate your means through turkey and also mash potatoes.

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NFL Thanksgiving job schedule

As usual, three gamings are booked for Thanksgiving Day, across three separate networks. FOX will carry the Detroit Lions residence game against the Houston Texans at 12:30 p.m. ET, when CBS will broadcast the NFC eastern matchup in between the Dallas Cowboys and also the Washington football Team at 4:30 p.m. ET.

Live stream

Live present will easily accessible through FOX and also CBS digital platforms, which incorporate apps top top Apple and Android devices and also via connected TVs.

Similarly, NFL Network"s game pass will be obtainable via associated TVs and on mobile devices and also a live currently will likewise be accessible via fuboTV and also DirecTV.

Houston Texans in ~ Detroit Lions

FOX—12:30 p.m. ET

The Texans and the Lions fulfill on Thanksgiving because that the an initial time since 2012, when the Lions squandered a 24-14 bring about lose 34-31 in overtime. Detroit and also Houston have confronted each other only four times in their history with the Lions" solitary success coming in 2004, yet the drought could pertained to an finish this week as they welcome the beleaguered Texans.

After 4 divisional title in five seasons, Houston"s grasp on the AFC south is all however gone. The Texans inexplicably traded star wideout DeAndre Hopkins come the Arizona Cardinals for a paltry return in the offseason, prior to losing their an initial four games as the invoice O"Brien era concerned a dismal finish as Houston fired the head coach and also de facto general manager in October.

The Texans have actually gone 3-3 ~ parting means with O"Brien and arrive in Detroit top top the ago of beating the brand-new England Patriots.

The Lions" ride, meanwhile, has actually been just marginally much less bumpy. Detroit is bottom the the NFC North v a 4-6 record and arrive right into Thanksgiving top top the earlier of a calamitous 20-0 loss road loss against the Carolina Panthers, who had actually lost 4 consecutive video game until the Lions rolled into town.

Washington football Team at Dallas Cowboys

CBS—4:30 p.m. ET

The NFC eastern has been abysmal transparent the season and also its cumulative 12-27-1 record has it on monitor to become the worst ever department in NFL history—its present winning portion stands in ~ .313, compared with the historic .344 low, i m sorry belongs come 2008 NFC West.

Putrid as the division may be, that is also broad open through the 3-6-1 Philadelphia Eagles simply marginally ahead of their three divisional rivals, who space all 3-7 after ~ 11 weeks. That provides the Thanksgiving day matchup between Dallas and Washington, that both arrive right into the video game of the back of wins, perhaps pivotal because that the gyeongju to the playoffs in the NFC East.

Dallas has won eight of the nine meetings between the two franchises top top Thanksgiving, consisting of each the the previous two and leads the all-time collection 73-44-2, when Washington has lost eight that the 11 gamings it has actually played on the holiday.

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The Cowboys, however, shed to your NFC eastern rivals 25-3 critical month.


Cameron Erving #75 the the Dallas Cowboys blocks versus Chase Young #99 the the Washington football Team during the video game at FedExField top top October 25. In Landover, Maryland. The 2 NFC eastern rivals meet again ~ above Thanksgiving. Patrick McDermott/Getty