Xfinity is one online video streaming app that allows you to stream your favourite media contents anywhere and anytime you want. You can watch 200+ live TV, renowned movies, TV mirrors and an ext than thousands of on-demand video clip contents on your devices. It also permits you come download your videos to watch it offline as well. It likewise features cloud DVR to document movies and also TV reflects from almost everywhere in the USA. The Xfinity stream is accessible both together an App and also as a net portal as well. You can use Xfinity stream on Android, iOS, Windows, Amazon Firestick, Roku, and also other devices as well. Xfinity stream is no compatible through Google Chromecast. But you deserve to still Chromcast Xfinity stream and screen mirror components to her TV.

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Cast Xfinity application from Smartphone actors Xfinity Stream from Chrome Browser

Method 1: actors Xfinity app from Smartphone

<1> On your Smartphone, beginning Google Play store or app Store.

<2> Search and also install Xfinity Stream indigenous the store.

<3> once installed, click on Open to launch the app.

<4> Login through your Xfinity present account.


Note: make sure both Chromecast machine and the smartphone are associated to the same Wi-Fi network.

<6> now you have the right to watch Xfinity present on her smartphone.

Method 2: cast Xfinity Stream from Chrome Browser

<1> affix your Chromecast maker to the TV HDMI port of her TV or screen screen.

<2> Make sure both Chromecast an equipment and the computer are linked to the very same WiFi network.

<3> Launch Chrome Browser on your PC and visit

<4> Login v your Xfinity stream account.

<5> Play any type of movie or TV reflects that are obtainable in the Xfinity Stream.




<7> currently you can watch Xfinity stream on her Chromecast linked device.

How to sign in to Xfinity Stream

Xfinity is a subscription-based streaming organization it may price ranges indigenous $25 come $300. To accessibility its contents you are forced to authorize in come Xfinity account:

(1) walk to on your browser.

(2) click the Sign-in button.


(3) enter your Login credentials and complete the captcha. Now click the “Sign in” button.


Our Opinion

By utilizing Xfinity Stream, you deserve to watch all top-rated movies and TV collection on her devices. Xfinity present is however to obtain compatible with Chromecast. If Xfinity application is do compatible, then you have the right to easily cast the movies and collection directly from your app. Until then display screen mirroring is the only solution to stream contents through Chromecast.

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