Spread holiday cheer v a merry backdrop of lamp throughout her home. In this considerable guide, we walk you through straightforward tips and also practical considerations on how to choose and hang Christmas lights.

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How To select Your Christmas Lights



For a seamless decorating experience, start by identifying the best Christmas lights for your room and theme. Here are our tips for choosing the perfect lights.

1. Find The Right form Of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights come in a large array of colors, sizes, and also special attributes to suit various decorating styles. Learn more about the common light species to aid narrow under your options.


Incandescent Lights

Incandescent Christmas lights warm a steel filament to create light, emitting warm in the process. Castle are obtainable at reduced prices yet burn the end over time and also consume an ext energy 보다 LED lights.


Led Christmas Lights

LED Christmas lights usage light-emitting diodes that develop less heat and also consume less power than traditional lights. Although this usually cost more, LEDs last much longer and aid you conserve on electricity and replacement bulbs. Balsam Hill’s Candlelight™ clean LED lights have the same warmth glow together incandescent bulbs, unlike most clear LEDs that have a harsh white tone.


Clear Christmas Lights

Channel the soft light of candles through clear Christmas lights. This functional lighting option complements both classic and contemporary decorating styles.


Multicolored Christmas Lights

Create a festive look v a glowing mix of colored Christmas lights. Multicolored lights work-related well through fun themes or classic red and also green ornaments.


Color-Changing Lights

Enjoy the adaptability to customize your screen with color-changing lights. Develop unique light mirrors with our Twinkly lighting modern technology or opt because that clip-on Christmas tree candles the switch from clean to multicolored.

Indoor Christmas Lights

Not every Christmas lamp are an ideal for both indoor and also outdoor use. Unless significant outdoor-safe, many lights should only be used indoors.

Outdoor string Lights

If you desire to hang Christmas lamp in exterior areas, make certain to usage ones specifically significant outdoor-safe. Look because that lights that have actually been approved by trusted providers such as UL (Underwriters Laboratory) or ETL (Edison trial and error Laboratories).

2. Measure her Hanging Space

Once you’ve chosen your Christmas lights, measure the area where you arrangement to download them. Then, compare this with the size of the irradiate strings to identify how numerous strands you’ll need. The standard length for a 50-light strand is 25 feet, when a 100-light strand usually procedures 50 feet. Because that example, if you have to cover a 120-feet space, you’ll need at least five 50-light strands or three 100-light strands. You may need more if you"re hanging the lights in a pattern.

3. Think about The dimension Of her Christmas Tree

Use the height of your tree together a guide in determining the number of bulbs you will do it need. Measure up the highest suggest of the tree down to the bottom of your stand. Examine out our recommended irradiate counts for various Christmas tree heights:

HeightLow DensityMedium DensityHigh density
6.5 feet325650975
7.5 feet4509001350
9 feet67513502025
10 feet80016002400
11 feet90018002700
12 feet100020003000

Note that the shape of your tree also affects the light counting needed. Full Christmas trees require more bulbs compared to narrow or sporadic trees the the very same height.

How come String lamp On her Christmas Tree



When hanging lamp on her Christmas tree, make sure to usage compatible strands with enough bulbs to meet your wanted light density. Below are the materials and also steps to follow once stringing lights on her tree.


Measuring tapeStep ladderExtension cord

Step 1|Untangle the string Lights

Untangle the lamp carefully. Test the bulbs to make sure they room in an excellent working condition.

Step 2|Secure the Lights

Coil the very first set of lights loosely approximately your hands. Avoid dragging the strings throughout the floor.

Step 3|Hang the Christmas Lights

Make certain to leave enough slack because that the plug to reach an expansion cord or electrical outlet. Starting at the bottom, progressively coil the irradiate string about the tree and weave the lights in and out that the branches.

Step 4|Circle the Tree

Continue come weave the lights approximately your tree and move upwards upon every rotation. As soon as the lights run out, plug in the next string. Usage a action ladder together you reach the greater sections. Hide the socket in ~ the branches.

Step 5|Plug in the Lights

Once finished, plug in the lights and check your tree native a distance. Adjust the placement of the strings if over there are any branches hiding or extending the lights.

Insider’s Tip

If you"re including Christmas lamp to a pre-lit tree, usage a different power resource instead of connecting them to theexisting lights as this will void the bright warranty.

Safety Tips for Stringing lamp On A Christmas Tree

Use irradiate strands that are compatible with each other. Check the packaging for details on whether you have the right to use various brands of irradiate strings together. To avoid link issues, opt because that lights indigenous the same brand.Make certain the bulbs have actually the very same wattage. This will stop power surges and potential electrical failures.Use only one expansion cord and do not overload it.Keep the extension cord out of reach of children and also pets. Execute not location it in the center of the floor.

Insider’s Tip

As an different to hanging lamp on a tree, consider a Balsam Hill™ pre-lit Christmas tree.Learn more through our guide.

How To cave Outdoor Christmas Lights



Outdoor lights add an enchanting glow come exterior spaces. Wrap them about greenery or hang in a sample from eaves and railings. Remember to use proper tools and follow safety and security precautions because that a trouble-free installation.


Measuring tapeLadderExtension cordsInsulated hooks and also light clipsOptional: Christmas light storage reel

Step 1|Untangle the Lights

Carefully untangle every the lights and lay them the end on a dry surface. If you have actually one, a Christmas irradiate storage reel is a handy device that helps keep the strings from gaining tangled and simplifies the installation process.

Step 2|Test the Bulbs

Plug in the light strings and also check if the bulbs space all working.

Step 3|Attach the Hooks

Secure the hooks and clips in your favored location. Spread out the hooks same to avoid the light strings from drooping or gaping.

Step 4|Hang the Strings

Carefully attach the light strands utilizing the clips or the hooks. Make certain each section is cost-free of tangles or twists.

Step 5|Plug in the Lights

Once the lights room in place, plug castle in come ensure the the entire set-up works. Step ago and examine your display screen for any type of inconsistencies.

Insider’s Tip

Ask aid from a family members member or friend to spot uneven trends while you"re hanging Christmas lights,so you can change them ~ above the spot.

Safety Tips for Hanging outdoor Christmas Lights

When utilizing a ladder, make certain to collection it under on a dry and level surface.Have someone hold the ladder at the bottom to store it from moving throughout the process.Verify if the lights deserve to be provided outdoors.Avoid overloading expansion cords. To it is in on the safe side, only use 75% of the easily accessible plugs and remember to usage one plug every outlet.Use insulated pond or hooks come minimize electric hazard.Do no pull or twisted Christmas lights.

When the season is over, make sure to save your Christmas lights appropriately so you can use them for years to come. Visit this web page for our storage tips.

We expect this guide helped you discover holiday lighting alternatives and ideas for her home. If friend have any type of questions, reach out to us here.



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