The controversy will air live on NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo and also streamed online totally free on this website on June 26 and also 27

Have a burning inquiry you"d choose to questioning of the democratic presidential candidates in ~ their first debate this month? This is your chance to obtain it to them.

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NBC News is collecting inquiries for the first 2020 main debate, being organized June 26 and 27 in Miami. Send your question below and one the the five controversy moderators might ask that live throughout the debate.

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The controversy will waiting live top top NBC, MSNBC and also Telemundo and also streamed online cost-free on this website,,, the NBC News cell phone app and OTT apps, in enhancement to Telemundo"s digital platforms.



Here"s every little thing you need to know around the democratic primary debates, from just how to clock to just how candidates will certainly qualify.

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Who’s running for chairman in 2020?

The race for the 2020 presidential choice is underway, and also the field of autonomous candidates is packed. Those who have actually announced presidential bids include a angry president, senators, home members and three mayors. As for the GOP, a solitary Republican has actually announced his bid to an obstacle President Donald Trump for the party nomination: previous Massachusetts Gov. Invoice Weld, that ran because that vice president (and lost) in 2016 ~ above the Libertarian party ticket.

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Updated Nov. 20, 2019Note: not correct information around Michael Bennet’s cancer diagnosis and also titles for Joe Sestak and also William Weld have actually been modification on July 29, 2019, 3:17 p.m. ET.Credit: Jo Bruni, Emma Barnett, Asher Klein, Dan Macht, Kelly Zegers / NBC; Photos: Getty Images

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