Newspapers are always looking because that good, engaging content. Though most stories space written by staff writers, one editor will often consider a well-presented story idea indigenous a new freelancer. For the ideal chance the seeing her words in print, usage AP style, polish her pitch till it is flawless and target the ideal person.

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Choose her News

Editors want stories that engage readers and give them information they deserve to use. If you know around an interesting new business, an occasion being planned in the ar or something unexplained going on, carry out some preliminary research and find the end the an easy facts: who, what, where, when and also why the is happening. Decision which an essential players you need to interview. Think about your story native an editor"s allude of view; figure out how the info will include value to a reader"s day and also what aspects of it are many surprising and also entertaining.

Aim your Pitch

Make certain you target her pitch to the best editor. Plenty of newspapers have actually assistant editor who are responsible for particular topic areas: ar events, wellness stories, way of life stories. By offering this human a good story, you are helping them carry out a much better job; if they favor your idea, you have made an ally who will current it come the controlling editor or editor-in-chief in a favorable light. Friend can discover these name on the masthead, commonly on page 2 of a publish publication or the "Contact Us" web page of a website.

Format your Pitch

Use appropriate business-letter layout if you"re submitting your pitch top top paper: kind your return attend to (without your name); skip a heat and kind the editor"s name, professional title and also address; skip a heat and type the date; and also then form the salutation, using an appropriate courtesy title (Ms. Or Mr.). If you"re utilizing email, usage "Query" as your subject line, v or there is no a couple of words around the certain subject, and resolve the editor making use of a courtesy title and also last name.

Polish your Pitch

A pitch should be brief, clearly written and to the point. Keep the length to a solitary page, and also avoid flowery language. Your an initial paragraph must be written as if it is the lead of your story. Incorporate the 5 W"s and also pull the leader in. In your second paragraph, briefly define why you space the right human to create this story and what your strategy will be. If you have writing experience, speak so; if you have never been published before, emphasize your access to the crucial people connected in the story and also your field of expertise in the topic matter, and let the quality of your composing speak because that itself. End the letter with a confident contact to action:

*I look front to working v you to carry Center City families the story that this important new school program. I can be reached at (include both phone and email contact information.)

Thank girlfriend for your time.

Best regards,*

Edit meticulously because that typos, spelling and grammar. Kind your call information again under your name. If two weeks pass with no response, it"s OK to send a brief follow-up email or note to make sure the pitch to be received.

Research her Story

An editor who is interested generally sends an e-mail or calls v a formal assignment, telling you how countless words she has actually room for on the subject, when she needs it completed and also possibly suggesting an edge she would prefer you to take it or what info she wants included. Do this assignment letter component of your paper of notes on the story. Do background research on the net to placed the story in larger context:

Interview key players; study their backgrounds first, and also be prepared with good questions to get the conversation rolling.

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Write her Story

Before friend write, review a pair of current stories that editor has published to acquire a feel for the tone and also style she likes. Take it a psychological step back and look at your file of notes as if you were looking at the pieces of a puzzle. Decide what goes wherein to make a logical and appealing picture.

Write a solid lead that has the an easy W"s and also add an ext information point by point, utilizing the inverted pyramid style: A reader deserve to glean the most crucial information in a glance however reads top top to discover more.

Keep your composing clean and articulate, don"t overuse adjectives and adverbs, and also remember that many newspaper stories room written at about an eighth-grade reading level. Submit your story the day before the editor"s due date, and enjoy the experience of your an initial byline.

Anne Pyburn Craig has written for a range of local and local publications ranging from in-depth local investigative journalism come parenting, business, genuine estate and also green building publications. She typically writes tourism and lifestyle write-ups for chamber of commerce publications and is a respected publication reviewer.