Stitcher is another large podcasting directory that works as a search engine and a mobile app. It’s a popular selection among Android listeners definition listing her podcast on your platform helps you reach human being who don’t use Apple products.

Stitcher is unique since it provides some analytical tools to assist understand how your podcast is performing. Keep in mind, however, the this dataonlyapplies to your show’s performance on Stitcher.

It’s likewise integrated into much more than 50 automobile models and also works in any type of vehicle equipped v Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto. Follow to Edison Research, 64% the podcast consumers have listened come a display in your car!

Edison Research uncovered 64% of respondents have listened to a podcast in the car.

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To assist you capitalize top top this large pool the listeners, we’ll display you step-by-step exactly how to list your podcast with Stitcher. Let’s get started.

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1. Verify your podcast meets Stitcher’s requirements

Stitcher’s podcast requirements follow the market standards. Make sure your show includes:

Podcast covering art has actually a square, 1:1 ratio in either JPG or PNG format. The specs space at least 1400px through 1400px.The podcast has a unique title.The podcast’s RSS feed includes at least one episode.

2. Sign up with Stitcher together a contents Provider

Start by heading come and create a brand-new account. Click ‘Join Now’. Here you are developing a profile that’s specific to content creators to add your podcast’s listing.

If you currently have a Stitcher companion account, you have the right to log in here.


3. Enter your podcast’s RSS feed URL

Next, you’ll get a pop-up questioning for the podcast’s RSS feeding URL. Go to her podcast hosting provider to discover the correct RSS feed link to input here. If the connect is invalid, you’ll get an error article from Stitcher. Once the URL is added, click ‘Next’.


If you’re a user, find your podcast’s RSS feeding URL under ‘Podcast Settings’ > ‘Distribution’.

Easily discover your podcast’s RSS feed attach inside your dashboard.

4. Authorize including your podcast come Stitcher

On the following screen, Stitcher will immediately pull in the email resolve associated through your podcast’s RSS feed. You’ll receive an email from your team within a few minutes.

Now, head to your inbox and also find Stitcher’s email v the subject line “Authorize the addition of your display to Stitcher”. Inside the email, click the link ‘I Approve, include This display to Stitcher’.

Go ago to Stitcher’s collection up screen and click ‘Got It’.



If you have to update the email deal with associated with your RSS feed, walk to her podcast hosting provider account setups to change users deserve to update their email address information inside your dashboard. Hover over your username in the peak right, click ‘My Account’, and alter the ‘Email Address’ field. Click ‘Update Account Info’ and you’re every set.

5. Expropriate the Terms and also Conditions

The following screen contains Stitcher’s Terms and Conditions. Review through their terms and click ‘Agree’.

6. Congratulations! her podcast is top top Stitcher

On the last collection up screen, you’ll view a congratulations message that your present has currently been added to Stitcher!

Now it’s time to add a few more details around your podcast to their platform. Click ‘Take me come the partner Portal’ to get started.

7. Modify your podcast’s details

Inside the partner Portal, under the ‘Manage Show’ tab you can your show’s facebook page, Twitter handle, and website URL. These will appear on her podcast’s listing.

Your companion Portal may have timed the end during set up and Stitcher prompts you to sign right into your account. If friend didn’t previously have actually an account, fight ‘Forgot my Password’ come receive an email to reset your password.


8. Include a Stitcher subscribe switch to your podcast’s website

To do it simple for listener to i ordered it to your podcast on Stitcher, consider including a switch to her website. Walk to the ‘Promote Show’ tab to access your podcast’s listing URL top top Stitcher, embeddable player short-codes and buttons.

* individuals can include your show’s URL to your dashboard to function a Stitcher subscribe connect on your podcast website. Go to ‘Podcast Settings’ > ‘Distribution’ and also paste the connect in the ‘Stitcher’ field.


In seven easy steps, your show is on its means to gift featured on Stitcher. Through one podcast catalog accounted for, it’s the perfect time come submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google pat Music.

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