Reading Time: 6 minutesTikTok is a society media platform that allows users to create 15-second videos and also host live streams. Through over 800 million energetic users worldwide, and the record for gift the many downloaded application ever in a solitary quarter (Q1 that 2020), it’s for sure to say tiktok is becoming component of everyday life for many.

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At first, the capability for users to conveniently gain fame with their videos is what make the app so appealing to teenagers, however for-profit companies captured wind that the rate at i beg your pardon content can go viral and wanted to obtain in top top the action. Now, for-profit companies, influencers, and also nonprofits alike space using tiktok to spread information, advertise, and also raise funds because that causes.

TikTok’s interface is specifically useful for producing videos the tell whole stories in 15 come 60 seconds. Additionally, the platform’s intuitive editing and enhancing tools allow users to produce professional-quality clips straight from your phones.

For nonprofits, adding this brand-new social channel to her lineup can aid to increase awareness around your mission, programs, and also fundraising campaigns.

If you’re considering introducing TikTok into your social media strategy, it’s important to understand the distinct ways the the application functions and also how friend can best leverage the for your mission. Below, we’ll provide you a look at what specifically this newly popularized society platform is, exactly how to usage it, and why it deserve to be beneficial.

A fast Rise come the Top

At one point, Vine to be the hot video-sharing platform of the moment, however it fizzled the end over time. The app allowed users to develop six-second looping videos, like a GIF through audio.

It was purchased by Twitter in 2014 and also officially retirement in 2016. This left a significant hole in the video app market.

TikTok, i m sorry officially released in the United states in 2016, quickly rose come popularity, filling the void left through Vine. The inherently various though as it offers much more editing tools that give content creators the flexibility to connect four 15-second videos together, include text, and edit sound.

In addition, TikTok’s algorithm tracks which videos a user watched all the way through, ensuring that every one of the content on someone’s feeding is curated towards their interests. Below are some rapid statistics to to mark why it have the right to be one attractive platform:

Users spend an average of 52 minute on the application every dayUsers v under 1,000 followers have actually an median engagement rate of 51.1%

Not simply for to dance Teens

The majority of U.S. Tiktok users room members that Generation Z, which gift an amazing engagement possibility for her nonprofit to tap right into a new, younger audience. However, as civilization have been continuing to be home and social distancing as result of the COVID-19 pandemic, other generations have begun using the platform together well.

When shelter-in-place orders to be implemented, TikTok began to gain much more attention from users in your 40s, 50s, and 60s. The basic interface provides less tech-savvy people the possibility to not just view videos, but also create and also post contents of their own.

While the application originally got popularity through users between the ages of 16 and also 24 lip syncing to famous songs and participating in dance regimen challenges, videos on tik have broadened to encompass how-tos and educational videos. This is whereby your nonprofit have the right to make an entrance and develop a strategy to meet these potential supporters on the platform.

How your Nonprofit can Use TikTok

It’s advantageous to first examine the various ways in which your nonprofit can leverage the platform because that success. Below, we’ve rounded increase a few tips to show you what’s feasible on TikTok and also get your an innovative wheels turning.

Hashtag Challenges

TikTok challenges, in i m sorry you challenge users to perform a particular activity, space a great way to obtain your cause to go viral if encouraging user participation. Further, the platform has actually collaborated with number of nonprofits to produce hashtag difficulties through the tiktok For great initiative. Her nonprofit can produce these challenges independently together well.

When producing a brand-new hashtag challenge, make sure that yes a clear and simple purpose or goal. The hashtag you create should be clever, straightforward to type, and also memorable, and you must incorporate clear instructions on how you mean supporters to take it action.

One instance of a successful reason marketing difficulty was Oreo’s #CookieWithACause campaign. Oreo promised to make a donation to conserve the youngsters when at the very least 1 million tik videos were uploaded with the hashtag.


While this function is no yet easily accessible to all nonprofits, that is another reason to make certain you create your visibility on tik now. If you already have an involved follower base when TikTok opens the Donation stickers up to more nonprofits, you can immediately include another revenue present for your organization.

What TikTok have the right to Do for your Nonprofit

TikTok can be an efficient marketing device for nonprofits that want to easily develop engaging content v the potential come reach new audiences of supporters. V its rapidly cultivation popularity among people of all ages, currently is the time to begin using it.

If you’ve currently created a tiktok profile and are building your presence, begin by concentrating your initiatives on mastering engagement tactics like hashtag challenges and also informational or educational videos. Nothing forget to post your content throughout other social channels as you go.

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As you check out the civilization of TikTok, usage these advice to take full advantage of the platform. Let us know how your journey goes in the comment below.