AURORA, Colo. (AP) — Six adolescents were shot in a drive-by shoot in a park near a high college in suburban Denver Monday, but all were supposed to survive, police said.

The victims, who range in age from 14 to 18, space all students at Aurora main High School, Aurora police chef Vanessa Wilson said.

Multiple rounds of different calibers were discovered at the scene, and also it is feasible some rounds were fired by someone on foot, she said. The suspects in the shooting to be at large, she said.

Three patient from the shoot were required to Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora, a varied city east of Denver. They were in steady condition and also have every been rejoined with their families, spokesperson Caitlin Jenney said.

Wilson said she’s relieved the students are expected to survive but said total violence is a crisis.

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“When I obtained the call, my love dropped,” Wilson said. “Enough is enough. We need to come together as a community.”

Police are asking for neighbors and any various other bystanders to share any kind of videos or photos native phones or home surveillance solution that might assist detectives determine suspects who still haven’t been apprehended.

Student Aariah McClain, 15, claimed she heard gunfire together she was walking near the school’s football field during lunch. She heard four shots at first, therefore she began walking towards the school. Climate she claimed she heard “a entirety lot more” after that, she said.

“I was shocked,” she claimed of the shooting, together she waited outside the school with her father, Harold McClain, for she 14-year-old sisters to be dismissed.

The institution was placed on a “secure perimeter” due to the fact that of the shooting, police said. That typically means no one is enabled in or the end of a school however students and staff are able come move freely within the building.

Evette Mitchell, 47, rushed to the institution to obtain her son, Trevell, 15. He remained in gym class when the heard the gunshots, and the teacher escorted them come the smaller sized gym.

Mitchell stated she is irritable because an additional shooting entailing three teens happened near the school on a current weekend. Mitchell included parents acquire blamed because that youth violence, but there room no affordable tasks offered for students in the area.

“Everything costs. We’re all low-income households so it’s tough for us to uncover something for these youngsters to do,” claimed Mitchell, who claimed her boy was walking to be in virtual classes for the rest of the week due to the fact that of the shooting.

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According to U.S. News and also World Report’s high college rankings, 67 percent that the school’s about 2,000 student are taken into consideration economically disadvantaged, qualifying for cost-free or diminished lunch.

Michelle Marin, that lives throughout the street from the school, stated she walks she dog in ~ the park almost every morning and also sees student hanging out there every the time, “but you never think something like that’s going come happen.”

“We have seen part lockdowns yet nothing v the caution tape or anything favor that,” Marin said.The shooting come after an 18-year-old died after gift shot about 5 mile (8 kilometers) far on Sunday night.

A shoot was likewise reported in the parking lot of a mall in Aurora on Friday, but police only discovered several shell casings when they arrived.