Before the storm strikes, make certain your home, office and also vehicles space stocked with the offers you could need. Make certain farm animals and also pets additionally have the essentials they will need throughout a winter storm.Know how to dress for varying degrees of cold

+At Home and also Work

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Your primary comes to at house or work throughout a winter storm are loss that heat, power and also telephone service and a shortage of gives if storm problems continue for much more than a day. In one of two people place, friend should have actually available:

Flashlight and also extra batteriesBattery-powered NOAA Radio and portable radio to get emergency informationExtra food and also water such together dried fruit, nuts, granola bars and also other food inquiry no food preparation or refrigeration.Extra prescription medicineBaby item such together diapers and also formulaFirst-aid suppliesHeating fuel: refuel prior to you are empty; fuel carriers may not with you because that days after ~ a winter stormEmergency warmth source: fireplace, wood stove or space heater correctly ventilated to protect against a fireFire extinguisher, smoke alarm; check smoke alarms monthly to ensure they work properlyExtra pet food and warm shelter for petsMake sure your carbon monoxide detector is working correctly and that the exterior vent is clean of leaves and debris. During or after the storm, make certain it is cleared of snow.

Each year, top top average, an ext than 5,000 human being are killed and much more than 418,000 are injured as result of automobile crashes. If you need to drive in eye or cold conditions, take it IT sluggish IN THE SNOW. Black color ice have the right to be difficult to see. If the temperature is close to freezing, drive like you're ~ above ice--you may be!

Before you leave the house, especially before a longer trip in winter, make sure all fluid levels room full and also ensure that the lights, heater and also windshield wipers are in ideal condition. Save your gas tank near complete to avoid ice in the tank and also fuel lines. Stop traveling alone. Allow someone understand your timetable and also primary and alternative routes. Then speak to 511 because that the recent traffic and also road incidents, including construction and also conditions and also restrictions. Every state supplies this department of transportation service. Call prior to you leave; it might adjust your plans!

Fully check and also winterize your automobile before the winter season begins. Lug a Winter Storm survival Kit that contains the following:

Mobile phone, charger, batteriesBlankets/sleeping bagsFlashlight through extra batteriesFirst-aid kitKnifeHigh-calorie, non-perishable foodExtra clothes to store dryLarge empty can to use as emergency toilet, tissues, toilet record and document towelsSmall can and waterproof matches come melt snow for drinking waterSack the sand or cat litter for tractionShovelWindshield scraper and also brushTool kitTow ropeBattery booster cablesWater containerCandle and matches to administer light and in one emergency, lifesaving heat.Compass and also road maps, don't count on mobile tools with minimal battery life
Move animals to sheltered areas or carry pets inside. Shelter belts, effectively laid out and also oriented, are far better protection for livestock than confining shelters, such as sheds.Haul extra feed to adjacent feeding areas.Have water available. Most pets die native dehydration in winter storms.Make sure pets have plenty that food and water and a warm shelter.

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