Bruce Zawalsky"s Bestselling guide to survive in Canada"s Wilderness

A Canadian Wilderness Survival publication like No Other

What if you had actually to Survive?

“A spiritual sequel to northern Bushcraft” — Mors L. Kochanski, writer of north Bushcraft

In Canada, the Wilderness is All approximately Us: us Live in it, us Travel with it, We need to discover to survive in it.

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A overview to Canadian Wilderness Survival answer the question, what if you had to survive being stranded in the Canadian wilderness? the teaches you exactly how to endure comfortably in the northern woodlands by expertise the science of survival, regulating your fears and also our frequently unrealistic expectations of life in the wilderness. This is the book you must read before you accidently obtain stranded.

A guide to Canadian Wilderness Survival is a 450 page full colour contemporary wilderness survival hands-on with end 500 pictures and illustrations. The is damaged up into three parts: “Part1: The science of Survival,” “Part 2: learning the right Skills” and “Part 3: The route to Survival.” The scientific research of survive is the an initial part of the book and also it introduce you come the scientific research of survival, covering the physiology and also psychology of contemporary wilderness survival. Discovering the Right skills is the second component and the covers what crucial items come wear and also take right into the northern forests, just how to develop fires, exactly how to develop shelters and also how to acquire found. The route to survive is the third part and it deals with threats in the wilderness, exactly how to prepare in advance to avoid or reduce a survival situation and also what we deserve to learn from others’ mistakes and successes once stranded in the wilderness.

“It transaction with modern-day wilderness survive in one up-to-date, lively and also easy to know way.” — Mors L. Kochanski, author of northern Bushcraft
“I spend plenty of days alone yearly in the Canadian wilderness while running my trapline. Often, i am many miles away from the comfort of mine cabin and because of this I bring a survive backpack with me that ns thought had everything one can possibly need for a survival situation — boy, was I ever before wrong! After reading Canadian Wilderness Survival, I have discarded items, included several brand-new ones, and also now feel much an ext comfortable through the knowledge got from reading Bruce"s book.” — plunder Miskosky Publisher/Editor of Alberta Outdoorsmen magazine

Have a Look inside Canadian Wilderness Survival

have a Look within Canadian Wilderness survive “I simply received this publication 2 mainly ago, and it"s unlike any other survival book of which i know. I spent 17 years as a forester in northern BC and Northern Alberta, and also have got my re-publishing of bushcraft training. This book puts right into words things that we"ve constantly done, yet have never seen in print, along with great pictures. The answers questions that I"ve had actually for year…I"ll it is in a far better woodsman after analysis this book.

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acquire IT!” —Facebook review

#1 best Seller

Canadian Wilderness survive made the Edmonton Nonfiction Bestseller list for 7 Weeks: #1 Bestseller November 12th, 2017, #4 Bestseller November 19th, 2017, #3 Bestseller November 26th, 2017, #2 Bestseller December 3rd, 2017, #1 Bestseller December 10th, 2017, #2 Bestseller December 18th, 2017 & #3 Bestseller January 14th, 2018.

“Picked increase a copy a mainly ago. Good book Bruce! Subject matter was very well covered.” — Jay Kilgannon, Bushcraft & survive Instructor

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Ben"s backwoods “With Bruce, students no only learn the how of survival however the why together well. His scientific approach to survival training is the best. If girlfriend are looking for real world contemporary survival an abilities that space both preventative and life-saving, watch no further.” — Dr. Marius Steyl, M.D. “Very detailed high quality survival manual. Talks around realistic survival techniques. No like most of the fluff books out there. If you are into survival or camping the end in a northern climate you have to look in ~ this book.” — Google evaluation survival Courses navigation Courses tradition Training write-ups Resources FAQ Sitemap AboutRegistration Schedule Certification Contact780-914-4410 Classroom: #202 7205 Roper Road, Edmonton, Alberta