With iOS 13 and also the new QuickPath feature, the iPhone finally has a aboriginal version of the “swipe” keyboards that have actually been popular on Android devices for practically a decade. You could previously use such keyboards on iOS if you installed a third-party keyboard such as Gboard, SwiftKey,or the stop Swype app, yet now friend no longer have actually to deal with the occasional problem of switching keyboards. You can likewise use QuickPath ~ above the iPad if you’re making use of the miniature floating keyboard.

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The idea behind a swipe key-board that, rather of keying out words through an individual tap because that each letter, you host down your finger and slide end to each letter. Ns especially discover QuickPath helpful when I’m making use of the one-handed key-board while standing throughout subway rides.

Once you’ve gained the hang of the QuickPath keyboard, you should shot incorporating few of Apple’s brand-new gestures for cut, copy, paste, undo, and also redo.

How to usage the QuickPath keyboard

The QuickPath key-board is easily accessible the 2nd you upgrade to iOS 13. To use it, open any app the brings up the key-board for message entry and also make certain you’re utilizing the native iOS keyboard.

When you begin typing a word, swipe her finger to each different letter there is no lifting her finger. Be careful not to push too hard, together you can accidentally activate the digital trackpad. If friend were inputting “lasignoralaura.com,” for instance, you’d start with her finger ~ above the M and then swipe end to A, C, and also so forth.

Once you’re done through the word, lift her finger and also iOS will leave a space so you deserve to start typing the following word. There’s no must press the an are bar. To begin the next word, simply repeat the process.

You won’t even have to worry about dual letters in usual English words as iOS will usually execute the job-related for you. If friend swipe-type “bal,” for instance, the will present up as “ball” as soon as you lift her finger. You deserve to see QuickPath in action below.


How to use QuickPath on an iPad

You can’t use QuickPath top top a common iPad keyboard, but you can usage it with the miniature floating version that shows up when friend pinch inward ~ above the default widescreen digital key-board in iPadOS 13.

To prevent using the floating keyboard, pinch exterior on the keyboard interface. Head to this page for a an ext detailed walkthrough.

How come disable QuickPath

There’s a great chance you might not also realize QuickPath is active unless friend actually shot to use it. It doesn’t affect normal key-board typing. Even so, if you uncover it’s obtaining in the method of your experience, here’s exactly how to rotate it off.

Open the Settings app.

Press General.

Press Keyboard.

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Toward the bottom, you’ll view a toggle because that Slide to Type. Turn it off, and you’ll be done.