If you still utilizing makeup wipes everyday, for the sake of her skin and also the planet, the time to stop.

I’ll be honest, I offered makeup wipes for years - they’re extremely convenient - but they’re actually damaging for her skin (and they’re therefore wasteful!!). I always noticed that they were too harsh on mine face, specifically the eye area, however kept buying lock anyway. As soon as I finally stopped using makeup wipes and also switched to a gentler option, I interpreted why dermatologists have actually been saying for years that makeup wipes space damaging to our skin.

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Yes, over there are various other makeup remover choices out there, however I opted because that trying coconut oil since I want something tenderness on mine skin that could be used daily, and would it is in mild enough to eliminate eye makeup. Coconut oil checks every one of those boxes, and likewise has anti-bacterial properties to aid combat breakouts (if you use it correctly). Not to cite it softens my skin in the process, and smells amazing.

Here’s what you need to recognize if you’re switching from makeup wipes to using coconut oil. Both her skin and your wallet will thank you.

xx, Heather


Buy it in its purest form

The just kind of coconut oil that you have to be placing on your confront is: organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed. All three of those phases must be on the brand of everything coconut oil you buy to use on your skin. There are tons of choices at different price points, however I’ve been utilizing the $12 one from businessman Joes for practically a year now, and have no complaints. Simply be sure to gain the Organic, Cold-Pressed, Unrefined, Virgin Coconut Oil.

Store that in a fairly cool place

The melting allude of coconut oil is quite high (about 76 degrees), but just be conscious of this when you store it. In its herbal state it will certainly be an ext of a solid, and also you can conveniently keep the in the seasoned you acquisition it in, or carry it to a cuter container for the bathroom.

A small goes a lengthy way

You’ll need much less than a teaspoon dimension amount to remove the makeup from your whole confront - a regular 16 oz jar must last you a couple of months.

No harsh rubbing

No noodle pads, no washcloths. Merely rub the coconut oil in between your hands to warmth it up into a liquid, climate massage ~ above your face like you would a cleanser. The whole point of not making use of makeup wipes is to avoid the rubbing the a harsh cloth on her skin, so save it simple, and just usage your fingers.

Rinse as normal

Once the makeup is lifted from your skin and lashes, increase a couple of times with warmth water. Depending on how lot makeup you wear on any kind of given day, you may need to repeat this.

You still should wash your confront after

Technically, coconut oil is a comedogenic, definition the oil deserve to clog pores, so ns recommend cleansing with your usual facial cleanser. Regardless of if you’re making use of makeup wipes, or any other type of assembly remover, you need to still dual cleansing.

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Finish your skin care routine together normal

Pat dry through a towel and finish through your usual serums and moisturizers.

Test it out first

Everyone’s skin is different and also will react to oils differently, so you must test out making use of coconut oil for a few days to see exactly how your skin reacts. It have the right to feel inexplicable at first, to use a an easy oil on your confront like that, but I have uncovered that mine skin (especially the perceptible skin approximately my eye area) is much happier ~ making the switch to making use of coconut oil together my makeup remover.